Georgetown Trestle Table

Starting at $2175
Maple, Heritage or Brushwork Maple, Oak, Cherry

HS P-G4296-SE

Optional bar between pedestals

Georgetown’s sleek and stylish pedestals allow for better use of space and thus the ability to gather all of your closest family and friends.

Pics 2-3:  Maple with Union Top Profile in charcoal stain

Pics 4-5 : Maple with Georgetown Top Profile

Pic 6-7 : Maple with Philipe Top Profile and flat foot

Pic 8: Oak with Georgetown chairs (nice design on the backs of the chairs)

Pic 9: Maple with Florentino Top Profile

Pics 10-11: Georgetown table in a Heritage Maple.  Ideal for a kitchen.  The rich rustic heritage maple grains make it durable and usable for an everyday life.

Pic 12 – 14: Cherry Wood with Florentino Top Profile

Pic 15: Table leaves can be stored in table (customers love this!)

Pics 16-17: Maple with Georgetown Top Profile and Parker Cushion Seat Chairs

Pic 18: Georgetown table in Heritage Maple


Small: 72”L x 42″W / 183cm x 107cm
(seats 6-8: 4-6 sides, 2 arms)

Medium: 84”L x 42″W / 213cm x 107cm
(seats 8: 6 sides, 2 arms)

Large: 90”L x 48”W / 229cm x 122cm
(seats 10: 8 sides, 2 arms)

Extension: 84”L + 12”(leaf) x 12″(leaf) x 42”W / 213cm + 30cm(leaf) + 30cm(leaf) x 107cm
(seats 10: 8 sides, 2 arms)


Custom Sizing

Built in Canada – Solid Wood Chair