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Solid Wood Furniture Toronto


Anne Quinn Furniture is closing its doors after 20 amazing years! To our cherished customers, your support has been invaluable.  Please see the In-Stock – Clearance section for great savings on the showroom samples.  Complimentary items can be ordered to complete the set.  Please call the number in top right corner to arrange a time to see the clearance items in person.

Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

Once you’ve compared solid wood furniture to cheaper alternatives such as particle board, the durability, versatility, beauty and richness of solid wood furniture makes it an easy choice.

Imported furniture manufacturers  often cut corners to make the furniture in high volume and to cut costs.     We’ve actually heard from our customers how pieces that looked good when they bought it, after just one year, you start to see chips and nicks and the particle board shows through.  They believed they were getting a deal.  However, it’s not much of a deal if you need to buy something new, after just one year, and it ends up in a landfill.

Here are some examples how the importers cut corners…

  • A $400 Pottery Barn coffee table features a one-fortieth of an inch veneer (about as thick as a paper towel). One slip of a fork on something like this would reveal the ugly fiberboard underneath.
  • One $900 Crate & Barrel chair had hollow plastic legs, which will crumble within a few years if used on a hardwood floor .
  • $1,200 Crate and Barrel bed has particle board core and is held together by screws.

Solid Wood Furniture is durable and requires very little upkeep.   How durable the solid wood furniture often depends often on the type of wood and the texture you add to it.  We primarily sell Maple, Oak and Cherry.  From our experience these are all very durable.  If you want to make the pieces extra forgiving it might be a good idea to add a texture, such as handplanned or brushworked to the surface.  If you have a busy household with small children and animals you won’t need to worry about every little nick and bump.  Those character marks actually enhance the look giving your real wood furniture a rustic, vintage look and feel.

If the solid wood furniture is well made you can expect it to last generations.   This kind of durability will make you feel good as you pass your solid wood furniture to loved ones instead of putting it curbside.

Another way these retailers that sell imported furniture save money is to make the furniture “knock down” so they can fit the maximum pieces on the containers coming from overseas.  For example, there is no comparison to a solid wood furniture chair built with mortice- and-tenon joinery and a thick corner joint compared to chair where you bolt on the legs.  If you ever bought a chair like this you know yourself, it will start to wobble over time and eventually fall apart.

We often get the question on how to maintain your new solid wood furniture.  Not only is real wood furniture extremely durable, it’s also easy to maintain.  Often you need to use just a damp cloth or a bit of murphy’s soap oil.  An expert tip that was taught to us was not use pledge as it attracts the dirt and dust and it creates a shine that you need to maintain.  One thing we do recommend is to keep the humidity in the house at 40% or above.  This is not only good for the furniture, but it’s good for you and your family as well.

Another benefit with solid wood furniture is that every piece is unique.  Even if the table is made the same way with the same wood, there will be differences with the grains between each piece. Having a piece of real wood furniture in your home is like having a piece of art made by Mother Nature herself.  Compare a metal desk to solid wood desk.  Sorry, there is no comparison.

Our Canadian uppliers including Handstone furniture have a range from traditional to clean modern looking pieces.  The beautiful designs combined with the rich grains of solid wood will make it a center piece in your home.

With wood, you can combine several different wood types together in a same  It’s actually a trending thing right now in home décor blogs and magazines.  Wood retains its relevance within a home in any room.   Wood furniture is perfect in a condo or small apartment bringing nature back to a small urban space.

The great thing with real wood furniture is that it is a sustainable resource.   Our suppliers source their pieces from sustainable managed forests.  By investing in this kind of sustainable wood, we can help cut carbon emissions.

Another great feature of solid wood furniture is the customization.   Not only can you customize the size, but also the texture and stain so you get that perfect piece to match the rest of your décor.

If you feel the color is outdated or if the piece looks worn, you can have it refinished and it will be like new.  This is something you can’t do with veneer and particle board, plastic or metal.  For example, there’s not much flexibility to be had with a metal desk or chair.  If you don’t like it anymore you’re stuck with what you got.  If you’re someone who is likes to redecorate or change the styling of a home or room, wooden furniture is a great choice for you.

So, I hope you can agree, the durability, versatility, customization, beauty and richness of solid wood furniture makes it an easy choice.  Please visit our showroom to see the beautiful solid wood furniture in person.



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