Handstone Furniture Dealers Toronto

Handstone Furniture Dealers Toronto – Anne Quinn is a Handstone Canadian Made furniture dealer just 30 minutes from Toronto. We feature Handstone solid wood dining and bedroom furniture in our home showroom including their most popular lines such as the Contempo, Rafters and Phillipe. We work closely with Handstone and …

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Handstone Heritage Maple Examples

Handstone’s (Made in Canada) Heritage Maple is an excellent choice if you are after the barn board/rustic look. (Ideal for your kitchen).  It’s durable and contains natural small holes/beauty marks, so you don’t have to worry if the table suffers a little wear and tear from every day use. What we …

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Buyer’s Beware! Uncovering the Secrets in Mass-Produced Furniture

Here’s a great article that everyone should who is considering buying furniture, should read.  It reveals a lot of shortcuts taken by the big name stores and poor construction of their mass-produced furniture. Why the shortcuts?  Because they prefer to spend their money on print catalogs, expensive advertising and high …

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Petrified Wood Decor

Now here is something we can call Mother Nature’s work of art! Check out the Decorating & Accessories section of our website to see our Petrified Wood Decor.  These pieces are preserved for millions of years by a millennia-long process called petrification, where wood transforms miraculously into quartz crystal. As …

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The End of the Traditional Chair?

Many dining room chairs built and sold at mass retail stores such as Brick, Leons and some high-end stores arrive in pieces – knock down chairs. This is because four times as many chairs fit into the same cargo space, reducing shipping fees. Hint: Identify potentially dangerous knock down chairs by …

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Oval Back Chair – 1 chair only