Purchase: Sumatra Valley Bedset

“I searched around for a long time unable to find a bedroom set I really liked. Everything out there was veneer or particle board. And nothing really fit my space or was a style I liked. Then I found Anne-Quinn Furniture. Everything they make is solid mahogany, and I was able to change the design and the dimensions to suit me. I loved their customer service. They are really good people and stand behind their products. Check them out; you won’t be disappointed.”

Matt Dusk Toronto, International jazz-pop music sensation

Purchase: Dining, kitchen table & sideboard

“The dining set I ordered from Anne Quinn has become the focal point of my house, and the envy of my guests. I designed my dining room around it, and it gets my heart racing every time I see it! I just can’t wait to order my kitchen dinette set from Anne Quinn!”

Michelle Shen Vaughan, Oracle sales & Designer blogger

Purchase: Grand Camden Bedset

We wanted high quality real wood furniture with a timeless look for our modern home.  From beginning to end our experience with Anne-Quinn furniture was exceptional.   They worked with us to find the perfect pieces for our home, and personally came to ensure the pieces were properly assembled.  Their prices are very reasonable and the furniture is superior to anything else we’ve seen.  Thank you Anne-Quinn!


Yaseen & Tasleem Real Estate Broker

Purchase: Cherian Dining Set

“I heard about Anne Quinn Furniture from a friend.   A recommendation always increases the trust level.

What I found out during my research kept me away from the usual places. I didn’t buy from the chain stores because their price/quality doesn’t make sense.   The retailers have huge markups because of their overhead and you never really find exactly what you want or know quite what the quality is like. Also customization is not an option at all.

Typical sizes wouldn’t fit or would take over the space. We needed to customize.

Our visit to your home showroom was fun.   We got the see the furniture in a home setting, and we got all our questions answered about the process.

Houzz, Pinterest, Google let you crowd source options and ideas. You can take those ideas and replicate them to fit your space perfectly.  It’s an amazing experience.

Now that they are here, they look incredible. I’m thrilled with it all: the style, and the quality construction.  Everything I dreamed of has become reality.

I absolutely recommend Anne Quinn Furniture. “

Sanjay & Karen Cherian Unionville, Controller at Nike Canada

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bedroom Set

“I was looking for bedroom furniture and I decided to visit all those big named stores–Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Decorium, and so on.

I picked out a Hudson bed design from Pottery Barn, but saw that price was just too high. I searched the Kijiji website, hoping that someone was selling a bedroom set, and that’s how I found you guys.   It was a great day!

Christine was fabulous. She was simply a delight to deal with, very open and honest.  I always felt in the loop, I knew what was going on. She sent me pictures, which brought the experience to life.

I love my new bedroom set. It is stunning!  The real wood design sets it apart, and knowing I didn’t clean out my bank account makes it worthwhile.

You are my go-to people when it comes to furniture, and yes, I tell everyone about you! You guys are great!”

Susy Fossati Woodbridge

Purchase: Dining Table, Sideboard, Desk

“If you love the furniture at Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn you should definitely visit Anne–Quinn furniture first. The new solid Mahogany double pedestal dining set I purchased from them looks amazing. The product, service and prices are incredible. I am very satisfied and have referred them to all my friends & family.”

Allan Lee Toronto, ER Doctor

Purchase: Grand Camden Bedset & Sumatra Bedset

“I originally had searched tirelessly for a new bedroom set in the major box stores like The Brick and Leons, only to remain frustrated at the lack of variety and poor quality work. What’s worse—for what it was, I couldn’t believe I’d have to spend that much on something that was particle board.

I was almost about to purchase pieces I didn’t love—when I discovered your website. At first I didn’t believe it (Who offers prices that low for solid wood?) until I went into the showroom & understood how your approach could save me so much money. There were no pressure sales, and everyone was very patient while I was trying to decide what I wanted—and stuck with me until I had made a final decision.

At the end, it was completely worth the wait—we got a solid wood, customized piece that was built exactly how I wanted it! The furniture is elegant and beautiful—almost breath-taking! Thank you Anne-Quinn Furniture—we’ve recommended you to all our friends!”

原来我一直疲于在一些主要的家具专卖店(如 The Brick and Leons)搜索卧室新家具,但是每次我都感到失望,因为他们的产品质量差,样式 少。更糟糕的是,我不敢相信我居然花了那么多精力在这些刨花板家具上。正当我要买这些家具时,我发现了你们的网站。起初我不相信,实木家具怎么可能这么低的价格?直到我走进你们的样板间,看到了你们如何可以帮我省这么多钱。
我的等待是值得的,我终于在这儿买到了我真正想要的实木定制家具。这套家具典雅美丽,令人惊叹!谢谢你Anne-Quinn家具——我已经 把你推荐给了我的朋友们!


Xu Jing Zhang & Dong Quan Chen Toronto

Purchase: Hudson Ridge King Bed Set with Tower Dresser

“Our search for solid wood bedroom furniture began the usual way: visiting all the name brand stores, including the high end stores.  What we found was usually not so great: veneered particle board—yes, even in the high end stores!  It was disappointing, to say the least…

Then we found you. Although price wasn’t a sticking point for us at all, we realized your prices are amazing for the quality you offer. What we were after was a solid wood product, something “showcase-worthy.” Another important factor was that I needed customization to accommodate my automated mattress. You created exactly what I needed to make it all work.

We noticed, too, that your variety of styles is wonderful for people who aren’t quite sure yet what’s available and what will strike their fancy.

And then there’s Christine. What can I say about Christine that hasn’t probably been echoed countless times before? She’s amazing. She’s professional, personable and she was always at the other end of the line whenever we had questions.

What you offer is simply AMAZING!  I absolutely love our new furniture.  We recommend you to everyone we know.”

Purchase: Hudson bedsets and Cambridge Dining Set

“We looked at higher-end stores in Vaughn. The furniture there was VERY expensive or wasn’t what we were after.

We went online and found you guys. We really liked what we saw online, so we set an appointment to come see you.

When we arrived, there were lots of furniture and styles to choose from (all of them solid wood and  beautiful, I might add). We considered both solid mahogany, made in Indonesia, and solid Maple, made in Canada furniture but, in the end, we decided on your Mennonite furniture because we wanted to have made in Canada.  The price you offered was considerably less than others so it was an easy decision.

I’m thrilled with the furniture now that it’s here.   My earlier worry how the “grey espresso” stain would look is completely gone. The stain has a touch of silver to it, making it look modern while still offering a classic style that won’t go out in a few years.

I have recommended Anne Quinn Furniture to every friend and family member I have.”

Jeff So & Susanne Chan Concord, Doctor

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bedset

In a word – WOW. The bed and side tables are absolutely gorgeous, and the quality is truly unbelievable (oh, and the stain colour is perfect too). Beth and I are thoroughly impressed, not just with the incredible (seriously, we can’t get over it) final product, but also the experience from start to finish. We will be sure to tell people about Anne-Quinn, and we’ll be in touch before long about some more pieces for ourselves too!

Natt & Beth Barns Toronto, Marketing Professional
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