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Hudson Ridge NighstandSale $400
Solid Mahogany Nightstand ASale $250
Solid Mahogany Nightstand BSale $250
Oval Back Chair – 1 chair only$100
10 person dining table – built in Canada by the Mennoites$2480
8 person dining table – built in Canada by the Mennonites$2150
Harvest Table – Built in Canada by the Mennonites$2090
Oak Solid Wood Table – Made in Canada by the Mennonites$2350
Long 16 Foot Triple Pedestal Dining Table – Built in Canada$5850
Built in Canada – Solid Wood Wardrobe$1930
Martini chairs – set of 6$1800
Hudson Ridge 8 drawer dresser hutch and mirror$1000
Florentino Sideboard$3050
Hudson Ridge King Bed$1500 - 1675
Hudson Ridge Queen Bed$1575
Hudson Nightstands$450
Made in Canada – Solid Wood Dresser$1250
Maple Dining Table – Made in Canada$2030
Mennonite Built Dining Table – solid wood$2090
Square Table Solid Wood – Made in Canada1510
Storage Bed Toronto – Made in Canada – Solid Wood$2560
Solid Wood Dining Sideboard$999
Built in Canada – Extendable Dining Table2700
Large Round Table Solid Wood Made in Canada$2120
Solid Wood Bench – Made in Canada$780
Solid Wood Sleigh Bed – Made in Canada$1790
Build in Canada Solid Wood Table$1940
Built in Canada Solid Wood Round Table$1460
LeClaire Dining SideboardSale! $999
Solid Wood 52″ Pedestal Round Table$1930
Hudson Ridge Solid Wood Bedroom Sets$4050
Solid Wood Hudson Ridge Panel Bed$1675
Turin Solid Maple Dining Table$2030
Chair L – 1 Only$100
Chair K – 1 Chair Only$100
Chair I – 1 Chair Only$100
Chair H – 1 Chair Only$100
Chair H arm – 1 Chair Only$125
Chair F – 1 Chair Only$100
Chair E – 1 Chair Only$100
Vokes Solid Wood Queen Storage Bed$2580
Chair Hb