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Woods & Stains

Handstone – Maple

Our Canadian Heritage has for a very long time been synonym with the Maple tree.  Long lasting durability with the visual appeal of a fine textured, straight grained hardwood perfectly balanced as provided by Maple.  In Canada and the North Eastern United States, Maple has been a traditional material used to manufacture fine handcrafted furniture over generations.  Our Solid Maple is carefully selected to ensure uniform appearance and colour consistency.  We love to highlight the natural beauty of this highly regarded hardwood with our specially formulated finishes and designed application techniques.

Handstone Stain Options - Solid Maple
Brown Chicory
Chantilly Lace
Cloud White
Country Walnut
Dolphin Grey
Revere Pewter
Slate Grey
Solid Black
Vintage Bronze
Vintage Silver
Windham Cream

Handstone – Brushwork Maple

Solid Ambrosia Maple, once the home of the Ambrosia Beetle, is carefully selected to start the process of Brushwork Maple.  The unique characteristics of every tree originates from its insect and soil conditions.  These factors do not compromise the structural integrity of this distinctive wood.  The wood receives a special acclimatizing pre-treatment followed by our creative texturing technique.  Finally yet meticulously our unique “brushed” distressing technique is applied by hand.  The end result is a distinctly modern-rustic appearance that provides a durable user-friendly surface that gives every piece its own unique personality.

Handstone Stain Options - Brushed Maple
Brushwork Buffalo
Brushwork Flint
Brushwork Mocha
Brushwork Moonlight
Brushwork Oyster
Brushwork Peppercorn
Brushwork Saddle
Brushwork Wheat

Handstone – Heritage Maple

Heritage Maple, also known as Wormy Maple, is an excellent choice if you are after the barn board/rustic look.  (Ideal for your kitchen).  It’s durable and contains natural small holes/beauty marks, so you don’t have to worry if the table suffers a little wear and tear from every day use.  What we like about Heritage maple compared to other barn boards,  is that there are no grooves between the boards for food to get caught in.  You have the option of having the hand planed look, or having it sanded smooth.

Handstone Stain Options - Heritage Maple
Heritage Barley
Heritage Barnboard
Heritage Charcoal
Heritage Cocoa
Heritage Driftwood
Heritage Nutmeg
Heritage Platinum
Heritage Rawhide
Heritage Maple Hand Planed Look
Heritage Maple Sanded Smooth

Handstone – Buxton Cherry

Solid Black Cherry is widely considered as one of the finest materials used for manufacturing handcrafted furniture.  It has a natural beauty that originates from the unique markings and colour variations present in every harvested tree.  It has a high content of dark reddish-brown wood with minimal mineral deposits on the inner core or “Heartwood” surrounded by beautiful white sapwood.  Colour consistency is extremely important when we select our Buxton Cherry.  The specially formulated stain choices enhance the beauty of this hardwood.  The small black flecks that are present in the grain, also known as “Mineral Deposits”, is the result of tiny amounts of sap that were stored in the tree as it grew.  These marks further add to its’ uniqueness and do not diminish the strength or quality of the wood.  Over time, solid Cherry will darken further to develop a deep, rich patina.

Handstone Stain Options - Buxton Cherry
Buxton Allspice
Buxton Cinnamon
Buxton Merlot
Buxton Rosewood
Buxton Silverstone
Buxton Truffle

Handstone – Serene Oak

A symbol of strength and beauty is portrayed by the Oak tree, hence the saying “From a Tiny Acorn…the Mighty Oak Tree Grows”.  For many centuries. Oak has been used in the production of fine handcrafted home furnishings.  It is also an ideal hardwood for all styling – traditional, transitional and contemporary.  We specifically use “Red Oak” as it is commonly selected for its’ unique coarse-grained texture and excellent durability.  Our many finish choices were specially formulated to highlight the natural pale brown reddish tinge colour and to further enhance the beauty of the grain formations.

Handstone Stain Options - Oak
Balustrade Pedestal Sofa Table