1. How are you different from Toronto furniture stores ?

If you’re looking for Toronto furniture, stores are the first (not the final) place you should visit. Anne-Quinn offers quality, solid-wood furniture, customized to your specifications, at up to half off store price.  We get the furniture direct, and have home showroom and sell by appointment only.  This keeps our overhead low.  Because we don’t have a large retail store with lots of inventory, sales staff, or expensive marketing, you get top-quality furniture you want at reasonable prices you can afford.  All the furniture is a hundred-percent guaranteed for quality.  It’s the sensible way to shop for those of us who are less than millionaires.

2. How long will it take?

We have the most popular items in stock, and you can get them now. If you need something immediately, check the in-stock items folder on this website.

Made in Canada products take 8 – 10 weeks. Use the filter that says Made in Canada to determine Canadian Products.  We put their most popular designs on our website.   If you can’t find anything you like on our website, send us a note (go to contact us section of the website) and we will send you our Canadian furniture supplier’s website where you can pick from their many designs.  With the Canadian designs you must pick from the styles that they offer but you can customize the size and stain.

Solid Mahogany imported from Indonesia come approximately every 6 months. The  The next one we expect to arrive  early 2019.   We have the most popular items from Indonesia in stock.  Always check the in stock new and clearance section of the website.  Custom orders need time for production, proper kiln drying, high-quality finishing, and shipping.

It is customary to wait several weeks for delivery of store-purchased furniture, and the wait is something we cannot eliminate on custom furniture while still delivering the quality we promise. Our customers all agree that the wait time is worth it. In exchange, they receive solid-wood furniture, exceptional savings, and the ability to order exactly what they desire.  Please always check our new and clearance section of the website.

3. What all can I customize?

With the pieces from Canada (click Made in Canada on the left) to determine products) you can customize size and stain.

With the pieces from Indonesia you can customize the design, stain, and the dimensions of the furniture you order.

It is possible to personalize your furniture. Some customers like to add a little carving to make their piece unique. For instance, a family initial might be engraved on chairs, or a shamrock could be carved as a family symbol.

Customized dimensions: We recommend that you go with standard (suggested) dimensions unless the measurements won’t fit your space or if you have another good reason for changing dimensions. Keep in mind that altering dimensions dramatically will alter the look of the piece.

Check your space before ordering to make sure your new furniture will fit. Use a tape measure, or put masking tape down where the furniture should be. A few times furniture has been delivered that did not fit the space it was intended for. Don’t let that happen to you.

Also make sure the dimensions you order will allow a piece to fit through doors and other narrow or low spaces. A few times a bed headboard was ordered that did not fit up the stairs. It’s better to take precautions in advance than to face this kind of disappointment.

4. Where is the furniture made?

We have two options for buying furniture.

Made in Canada products take 8 – 12 weeks.   These are made in Maple, Heritage Maple, Oak or Cherry and made by our Mennonite suppliers.

Solid Mahogany imported from Indonesia come approximately every 3-4 months.

5. What is your warranty?

We offer a full two-year warranty. In the event that there is a problem with a piece of furniture, we have it fixed. If it can’t be fixed to a customer’s satisfaction, we order a replacement. We stand behind our products and maintain an excellent reputation, relying on word-of-mouth and referrals for most of our business.

6. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, or email money transfer for payment. A 25-percent deposit is required when you place your order.

7. What wood is your furniture made from?

We have two options for wood types.

Mahogany is a durable hardwood used to make fine furniture. Known for its beautiful grain and deep, rich colours, mahogany endows furniture with a timeless quality and serves in the making of both traditional and contemporary pieces.

Maple ranks right up there with oak as one of the heavier and denser woods available. Maple is known for its ability to hold up over time. Furniture made from maple has the ability to last generations if you treat it well.

When deciding between Mahogany or Maple.  It often comes down to personal preference.  Both are considered a hardwood, but from our experience Maple is a harder wood, so Maple would be more ideal for a kitchen setting.

Also the Mahogany pieces tend to have more “beauty marks” (flaws) than the Maple pieces.  If you’re after a more polished look then we would recommend the Made in Canada pieces made from solid Maple, Oak or Cherry.

Chairs, tables, and other home furnishings crafted in mahogany or maple, oak or cherry will last for generations and are handed down as heirlooms – so different from the cheap, particle-board and veneered furniture that is sold in most stores today.

Our supplier loves to craft with solid wood, but informs us that a few designs require a combination of real wood and engineered woods. We will inform you upfront if the design you choose cannot be made from solid wood entirely. (This scenario is the exception, not the rule).

8. Where does the mahogany come from?

Our mahogany is sourced from Indonesian plantations established for the purpose of producing the finest wood for furniture production. The Indonesian government, which is dedicated to preserving this exotic and beautiful species of native tree, manages and protects the plantation supply.

9. How much does it cost?

Check the website to get an idea of our exceptional prices, which can be as much as half off store price. Cost reflects the amount of wood needed to make a piece, not the market trend. If you are choosing an item from the Internet, provide us with the link and dimensions, and we will be happy to prepare a quote . (The 13-percent HST tax is not included in the quote price.)

10. Can I get a discount?

We offer our best pricing upfront. We don’t like to haggle, and neither do our customers. Places that offer discounts pad their retail prices in order to afford their own discounts, but we don’t play such pricing games. Solid-wood furniture should be considered an investment that will last for generations. If you can’t afford to buy all the pieces you’d like at once, we recommend doing so in stages. Over the long term, you will feel much more satisfied than choosing the quick-fix of cheap particle board or veneer.

11. What does delivery and setup cost?

You have a choice of delivery or pickup. You may pick up the furniture from our warehouse or our excellent team of movers will deliver and set it up in your home for you. Cost for this service is between $150 and $220 in the GTA.  If you’re outside of the GTA we will give you a custom quote on the delivery charge.

12. Do you ship to the US?

I’m sorry we don’t.  We only deliver in the Toronto area.  If there’s any issue we need to be able to take care of it.  We always take care of our customers.  We have had US customers come up and pick up pieces from us, but with the understanding that they are responsible if any problems/issues occur.

13. Is there a risk in buying furniture from Indonesia?

The furniture is made from Indonesian master craftsmen for whom furniture building is both a time-honored tradition and an art.

Because the furniture is solid wood shipped from a humid climate, there is some degree of risk, but this is mitigated by our supplier’s use of kiln-dried wood and the most advanced furniture construction techniques that allow the furniture to adapt to the North America climate.

In the rare event that there is any problem with a piece of furniture, we will repair it. If it can’t be repaired to your satisfaction, we order a replacement, and you can keep the old furniture until the replacement arrives. Rest assured that we totally stand behind our products, as we rely on word-of-mouth and referrals for most of our business.

14. How did you get into this business?

Quite a few years ago, our father was stationed in Bali, Indonesia on business and was impressed with the quality of the wood craftsmanship there. In his retirement, he started importing furniture from Indonesia to Cologne, BC. The business he started still exists today.

When it came to setting up our own home, we couldn’t believe the high cost of furnishings, so we decided to take a chance and have them shipped here from Bali. Our sister Lorrie, being in the same situation, joined us in that venture. For furniture styles, we ripped out pictures from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn catalogs and sent them with our order. When the container arrived, we were amazed that it was an almost exact match with our pictures.

That could have been the end of it, but then we decided to order a few more pieces. We didn’t have enough to fill a container, so we invited our friends to place an order with us. They were all over it, and that’s how Anne-Quinn furniture was born.

Since then the business has snowballed, just through word-of-mouth. We are able to offer high-quality, custom furniture at exceptional prices. Taking business to the next level, we visited Indonesia ourselves in search of the best supplier some years ago. The person we found gives our orders the personal attention and professional care they require, and our customers are thrilled with the results.  We now also sell Canadian solid wood furniture which makes up about half our sales.

15. What is the mission of your business?

We are probably much like you. We always wished for nice furniture but were never able to afford it. The mission of Anne-Quinn furniture is to offer high quality, solid-wood furniture at affordable prices. We follow up every sale with impeccable customer service. In so doing, we hope to have customers not just for today but for a lifetime.

16. Can we get bunk beds or cribs from you?

We don’t produce bunk beds or cribs at this time. Producing children’s furniture requires special government safety approval (which is a good thing). At this point, this is not something that we have had time to pursue.

17. Can you do distressed or salvaged wood?

Handstone’s (Made in Canada) Heritage Maple is an excellent choice if you are after the barn board/rustic look. (Ideal for your kitchen).  It’s durable and contains natural small holes/beauty marks, so you don’t have to worry if the table suffers a little wear and tear from every day use. What we like about Heritage maple compared to what other barn boards  is that there are no grooves between the boards for food to get caught in.

18. Why is your business named Anne-Quinn?

Anne-Quinn is a combination of parent names and family middle names. We called it Anne-Quinn because we wanted to build a business that reflects our own family’s values and that we will one day be proud to hand down to our children.

19. How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for over 10 years since 2006.

20. How do I care for my solid-wood furniture?

Cleaning your furniture should be done with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth dampened with water, or furniture polish following the pattern of the grain. Cleaning your furniture with a dry rag can cause scratches to the finish. Use a light touch, and rotate your cleaning cloth frequently.

To protect your hardwood furniture, use a humidifier in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer to keep the relative humidity at 35 to 40 percent.

Avoid placing furniture directly in front of heat vents, radiators, heat runs, or fireplaces. Don’t expose furniture to continuous direct sunlight; draw the curtains occasionally.

21. Who shouldn’t buy from Anne-Quinn?

If we don’t have the item in stock and you require the furniture by a certain deadline, then we are not the furniture source for you. We try to forecast when furniture will arrive, but something things happen that are out of our control.

Someone who wants “perfect” furniture should also not buy from Anne-Quinn. While our craftsmanship is perfect, our furniture is handmade from real wood and comes with natural “beauty marks” or flaws. If you’re looking for furniture without this, you should buy veneered machined furniture rather than the handcrafted, solid-wood heirlooms that we offer.

If you cannot be tolerant of issues along the way, we also are probably not the right furniture source for you. Because the furniture comes from Indonesia, there are certain risks, possible shipping delays, and possible damage from customs. We back up our products and fix any issues that may arise, but you need to understand these risks, which can potentially delay your furniture. If you are tolerant of these possibilities, then the reward of having beautiful, solid-wood furniture at an amazing price, customize-designed to your specifications, far outweighs the risks.

22. Who should buy from Anne-Quinn Furniture?

Anyone who is looking for stylish, beautiful, solid-wood furniture for an amazing price is a welcome customer. Also anyone who needs to customize pieces to fit their space, or who wants to add a signature to make a piece their very own. Our ideal customer appreciates the beauty of solid wood furniture and realizes the incredible value we provide.

23. How do I visit your showrooom?

We invite you to our showroom which is by appointment.  By doing by appointment we can focus 100% on your needs.  This also helps reduce costs by not having the need to have a full time sales person.  We pass on that savings to you!

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