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Throwing A Dinner Party? 10 Tips To Having a Great Experience

Hosting a dinner party requires thoroughly planning to be successful, fun, and memorable. You have to consider many things and factors to ensure that your guests will be entertained and relaxed while under your roof. As a host, it is your duty or responsibility to do the planning. So, as a guide, you may follow these tips to help you plan an enjoyable dinner party:

Create A Guest List

A dinner party would not be fun and memorable if you don’t have your friends and family as guests. So, before throwing a dinner party, you must create a guest list first. If you want your party to be intimate and solemn, choose those people closest to your heart–those with whom you want to spend your time the most.

Send Out An Invitation

After settling your guest list, proceed to invite each of them. Make sure that they receive the invitation, and don’t forget to ask an RSVP to know who among them can make it and attend the dinner party. Of course, there might be restrictions due to the pandemic. Do follow local regulations in your area about social gatherings to avoid any complications with law enforcement.

Choose A Theme

Choosing a theme for a dinner party is unnecessary, but it can add a lot of fun to the event. When you have a theme or motif, it would be more manageable for you to plan the decorations and the menu to serve at your dinner party. The theme of your party should depend on the occasion or the reason you are throwing the party. 

Plan The Menu

It is not a dinner party if there is no food. Thus, you have to be strategic and selective when planning the list of recipes to prepare for the party. It would be best to select a recipe you can easily make to avoid being stressed, but hiring a cook or a chef is recommended if you want to be a little extra. Your menu should include appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and beverages. 

Declutter And Clean Your House

A clean house is a happy house. The moment your guests step in your home, you’d want them to feel happy and welcome. You don’t want your house to appear messy and cluttered to your guests. So, before throwing a dinner party, it is recommended that you declutter and clean your home first. Organize all your belongings and arrange your furniture. Sanitize the place and make sure that it is dust-free. 

Cook Smart

You have a list of recipes to prepare for the party, and the only way to successfully have them all on your table is to be strategic when cooking. After buying all the ingredients you will need, you have to plan which recipes you should prepare first.

Make A Playlist

Lighten up the mood of the party by preparing a playlist ahead of time. Be selective when choosing the songs you include in the playlist. If you plan to throw an intimate party, avoid loud songs and go for classics or instrumental. These types of music have calming and relaxing effects, making your dinner atmosphere at ease.

Set The Mood

Besides music, lighting and decors can set the mood of your dinner party. You may opt to light some candles, put up flowers, and offer a glass of wine at the beginning of the dinner to make the ambiance more relaxing. As the dinner proceeds, be a host and accommodate your guests by asking them their needs and wants. 

Set The Table

The dinner table full of food is the heart of the party. It is where your guests enjoy the food you prepare. Thus, you must ensure that it is all set before you start the party. Prepare all the utensils and plates and arrange them correctly on the table. For a formal dinner party, you must prepare the placemat, the napkins, and other condiments on the table.

Prepare Yourself

As the host, you must be the life of the party. Besides preparing the food, the mood, and the table, you should also prepare yourself. No matter how stressful the dinner preparation is, face and greet your guests gracefully as they come. So, allot some time for yourself to pamper up before you come down and see your guests. 


Throwing a dinner party may seem stressful with all the preparation and the after-party clean-up. But it is manageable when you know how to do it. To make the dinner party preparation less stressful, consider those tips mentioned above. They are all doable and practical. 

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