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Benefits of Having a Round Dining Table

If you’re thinking of buying a dining table for your house, consider round dining tables. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of having one in your space and when it is better than square or rectangular tables. Read on! 

Ideal for Small Spaces 

Not all homes can accommodate large dining tables. Some homeowners have to settle for smaller dining tables that fit their space — round dining tables are perfect for this purpose. They come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Whatever size your space is, there’s a round dining table that suits it. 

Moreover, round dining tables are easy to handle. Since it lacks corners, you can quickly move a round dining table into smaller areas. You can also easily tuck chairs and stools under the table, reducing the space that the furniture set occupies. 

They Have Soft Edges 

Square and rectangular tables have corners and sharp edges, which can be dangerous to younger children and even elders who can injure themselves easily. Using a round dining table helps you avoid this problem altogether. 

Round dining tables have a smooth circumference, preventing injury caused by accidental bumps. Clothes also tend to snag at the sides of square and rectangular tables. You won’t have this problem with round dining tables. 

Improve Conversations and Access to Food 

Round dining tables don’t have a space for the “head” of the table, unlike rectangular tables. On top of that, no one will be seated too far away from another person at the opposite end of the table, allowing everyone to have nice conversations. 

Everyone faces the center of the table. It’s easy to catch someone’s attention when you want to say something. Round dining tables also don’t point to any other focal point in a room, such as a TV or a window. This encourages people to talk to each other. 

Moreover, you can easily access food on the table, provided the dining table isn’t too big. A round dining table that seats four people ensure that everyone is equidistant from anything on the table, be that food or other items. 

Better Flow in Your Space 

Since round tables lack corners, people can easily walk around them and find their seats. It’s easier to gather around the dining space for meals or celebrations. This enhanced space flow allows you and your family members to find the space you like while comfortably moving. 

There’s less bumping or crowding when someone tries to sit down. Additionally, you won’t get caught in share corners when you try to get to the other side of the table. From an interior design perspective, the round shape of the table also pulls all elements of the room together, anchoring your space together.  

Here’s a quick tip: when setting up a round dining table, keep extra space behind the chairs to comfortably pull them in and out. As a rule, there should be a minimum of two feet between the edge of the table and the wall.

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