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Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying Wood Furniture

Furnishing spaces is both exciting and daunting; can you imagine having to sort through a wide selection of colors, textures, styles and materials to land your perfect trifecta? Phew, that sounds like a lot. Well, wood is a popular choice for most furniture shoppers; its undeniable benefits make it ideal for any setting. In a way, this preferential category narrows down your options to a selected few; however, that’s not to say the experience is any less overwhelming. Sure, furniture shopping may not seem much when you walk into a store with your mind set on a particular theme and style. Although, as we break it down to a one-time investment that’s meant to serve you for years to come, there’s a lot to put into perspective and considerably no room for error.

Five considerations to make when shopping for wood furniture

Let’s face it; we don’t usually have the luxury of switching up our furniture every six months. When we envision our furniture pieces, we see ourselves growing old in our sofa sets, hosting unforgettable Christmas dinners on our dining tables and possibly passing down that gorgeous credenza in the hallway to our grandkids. Can you blame us, though? After spending so much on furniture pieces, it’s only fitting to want to get the most out of them. We become naturally motivated to steer clear of common wood furniture blunders that novice shoppers would make. So, how do you nail it on the first attempt? Read on to find out.

Measure up

Don’t eyeball it! We can’t stress this enough. Always measure your furniture before you make a payment; this will save you a lot of frustrations and heartache. Think about it- that dining set-up might look marvelous in a spacious showroom, but how seamlessly would it sit in your humble dining area? Take into perspective all the measurement parameters of each piece of wooden furniture before introducing it into your space. Similarly, you’d want to measure every doorway and entryway; we’re talking elevator doors, complex entrances, gates, and the like. Trust me; you don’t want to spend so much on that Chester sofa only to find out it can’t go through your apartment doors. Bummer.  

Comfort over style

Okay, we’re all guilty of this. Who doesn’t walk into a furniture store and get drawn to the first aesthetically pleasing piece they see- that would be me. With wood furniture shopping, it’s important to remember that practicality comes first; unlike clothing or accessories, these are additions you’ll use daily for years to come. So, as much as that abstract accent chair has you obsessed, keep in mind that you’re not looking for a brief perch but rather functionality. Block out the noise and choose comfort over style.

Ditch the trends

A fab or a fad- this should be your mantra when shopping for wood furniture. We’re here to disclaim that wood furniture doesn’t age; it does; the secret, however, is going for pieces that age gracefully. Don’t hop on the trend wagon if you’re looking to invest in wood furniture; instead, consider taking a more timeless approach. Go for wood species that take a beating well, which won’t look weary and dull ten years down the line. We’re sure the vogue engineered wood furniture pieces look impressive but do you see them making it into the future without being labeled outdated?

The matching tales

One tip we stick by is the spaced-out purchases of wood furniture. Sure, some people would prefer buying everything in one go, but that puts you at risk of being too monotonous, and that’s a no-go zone for furniture shopping. Shop around for variety, ensuring you steer clear of matching sets and accessories as they take out the soul in your furniture pieces. Go ahead and experiment with different styles, textures and colors to bring a touch of chic and character into your space.

Weigh in lifestyle

Always consider your lifestyle and demands with wood furniture shopping; this stretches well into the weather, maintenance, household count, pets and kids. Furniture is undoubtedly a significant part of our day to day lives; that said, you’d want to ensure it is up to par with your lifestyle demands. Don’t settle for demanding wood species if your schedule doesn’t allow regular waxing and polishing. Similarly, lean more towards scratch- and moisture-resistant wood furniture if you live in a home with pets and children. It’s all about creating a balance.


Furniture shopping might not be the most leisurely trip, but it sure is worth it. The gratification of having your living or workspace all set up with the natural beauty of wood makes the shopping experience worth the hassle. Of course, thoughtlessly picking out wood furniture works as an approach; however, you’ll regret every piece sprawled across your living room a couple of years down the line. Who wants that? Consider implementing these six tips to your wooden furniture purchases to get the most out of your investment.

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