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Buyer’s Beware! Uncovering the Secrets in Mass-Produced Furniture

Here’s a great article that everyone should who is considering buying furniture, should read.  It reveals a lot of shortcuts taken by the big name stores and poor construction of their mass-produced furniture. Why the shortcuts?  Because they prefer to spend their money on print catalogs, expensive advertising and high priced real estate.


Did you know …

* A $400 Pottery Barn coffee table features a one-fortieth of an inch veneer (about as thick as a paper towel).  One slip of a fork on something like this would reveal the ugly fiberboard underneath.

* A $900 Crate & Barrel chair has hollow plastic legs, which will crumble within a few years if used on a hardwood floor .

* $1,200 Crate and Barrel bed has particle board core and is held together by screws.


Click here to read article published by Start Money magazine.


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