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Choosing a coffee takes a lot of things to consider. You may ask yourself, “What still best fits my personal space? Would this table be able to fit in my room? How do I distinguish which has the right material and construction?” These questions might make it seem overwhelming to choose a good wood coffee table. Furniture pieces are purchases that can either be worthwhile investments or pieces that you may discard and no longer use.

Here are a few things you can take note of that may help you choose the right wooden coffee table:

Consider the design and motif of your room.

Coffee tables can make or break the finishing touches for your room. If you have a modern-designed space, minimalism is vital to have a put-together space. A coffee table with a wooden base and glass tabletop is simple enough to be coherent with this theme. Light or dark wood tones may work for your base, but this should also match the colors of your other furnishings in the room.

You can have an elaborately designed coffee table for classic vintage rooms, particularly one laden with wood spindles or intricately designed metal drawer pulls. Polished wood and glass top combinations may also fit well with this theme. You may also consider having an oval or round-shaped table, giving variety to a room with primarily angular sides.

Think big or go small, depending on the size of your room.

Proportion is also an essential factor to consider. You do not want a wooden coffee table that would use up most of the space, especially if you have a relatively tiny room. You should also note this if you have other furnishings that may crowd the room, such as a big intersectional sofa or accessory pieces like potted plants or lampshades.

The height of your wooden coffee table should also be well thought out. You would not want a higher coffee table than a sofa, as one of the ideal purposes of such furniture is to lay things down, such as a cup of coffee or magazines and books that guests can browse through while lounging.

Multi-use coffee tables are always a plus.

For small spaces like studio-type apartments, choosing a wooden coffee table with built-in storage is ideal for your limited space. A sleek wooden table with drawers can keep items such as books or writing materials and may double your working area. You can easily retrieve the things mentioned above.

You may also use these drawers to stash away keys, memorabilia such as photos or important documents, and other essential things you would want to be stored in a secure yet accessible place.

Prioritize safety for your other household members.

For homes that have multiple house members, a coffee table with round edges would be a better choice to prevent injuries such as bumps or being accidentally cut when hitting such furniture. Doing away with a glass tabletop may also be a good option, especially if you have kids who work on the coffee table and may be prone to breaking glass surfaces.


No matter what wooden coffee table you use, making sure that it is premium quality is a must so you will have your money’s worth. With so many options out there in the market, by keeping the tips above in mind, you may be able to choose the coffee table that fits your home’s aesthetic, as well as become a good investment that will last you and your family for a long time.

Have you ever been to a living room without a coffee table? Doesn’t it feel like something is missing, or the space feels undone and incomplete without this particular furniture piece? Coffee tables are essential items that can make or break any living room area. 

If you are starting to complete your lounge room or planning to buy a new coffee table, here are reasons why this particular center furniture piece plays an essential part in helping bring your living room come to life and help you enjoy your space more:

Coffee tables are multifunctional.

Placing a coffee table in your living room area brings myriad functions- from an extra storage space for knick-knacks such as books and magazines to serving as a display surface for your treasured showpieces. The versatility of a coffee table does not end here. It also can be used as a makeshift dining table for the days when you want to dine and chill while watching your favorite show on Netflix.

They help express your creativity and eye for style.

Aside from serving as an extra storage space and displaying your items, coffee tables also reflect your sense of style and showcase your aesthetic enthusiasm. Coffee tables, being mount pieces for your worthy display pieces such as art pieces, crystals, and even small picture frames, will elevate the look of any lounging space. 

They complement your other noteworthy furniture pieces.

Coffee tables come in different materials and styles – wood, glass, and even marble. You can choose from any of these materials and match it with the other furniture in your living room area, such as your couch, lamps, and end tables. This way, if you want a coherent and cohesive style for your living room space, your coffee table of choice can lock the look altogether. 

Coffee tables, being versatile, can suit your household’s needs and activities.

As discussed, coffee tables serve many functions not only limited to adding value to the visual feel of your living room space. If you live with family members, chances are most of the activities you do together as a household or even as individuals may happen right in your living room.

Hence, it is also essential to note what kind of coffee table you would be getting to suit the activities inside your home. If you have children, you may have homework sessions in the living room. Hence, it would be better to get a coffee table with a broader space so your kids may be able to lay down their books and finish their assignments.

Rounded tables are ideal for households with more minor children, as they help avoid injuries that these kids may get from hitting the edges while running around in the living room area. Material such as wood may also be safer if you have members who like to move around in the living room and may eventually hit or stub themselves with your coffee table.


Coffee tables are the best additions you can get to improve the overall look of your aesthetic space. Aside from the visual value, they can also add more character to your living room space and hold stories and memories as you spend time with your loved ones in your area. 

Tips for Choosing a Good Wood Coffee Table
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