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Choosing The Right Chairs and Benches For Your Dining Table

So, you’ve found the perfect table for your dining room, but it doesn’t come paired with chairs to match. Should you let up? Not quite yet! Going on the hunt for chairs sounds like a plan, or even better, let’s settle for a less obvious solution- a dining bench. Dining room setups are such a statement, especially if you’re trying to impress your guests. Because let’s be honest, who isn’t? And while diving right onto Pinterest for a browse sounds like an okay strategy, here’s something better- four recommendations for picking out the right dining seats for your table.

Style element

Personal taste and style take a front-row seat when it comes to choosing the right dining seats. You would want your chairs to effortlessly match your home’s theme and blend seamlessly with your décor. Whether you have the feels for a luxe coastal dining vibe or a French farmhouse set up, drawing inspiration from the rest of your home is a hack. Don’t think of your dining table seats as a separate element- add a little bit of your touch to your seats. Besides, incorporating your style into the checklist helps navigate your dining chairs choice by refining your search to a few suited models.

Measure up

Now that you have a visual sketch of the concepts you’re going for, it’s time to get down to the critical part- the measurements.  Whether you choose to lean into the traditional dining chairs or opt for a more contemporary vibe like a bench, comfort should be a priority. You don’t want your guests hanging off the edge of the long seat or squeezing to fit into the legroom. For a two-seater bench, anything engaging from 42-52 inches is ideal. On the other hand, dining chairs do well, with an 8-14 inch difference from the seat to the tabletop. Remember, you always have the option to test out the seats at the store before buying them.

Sitting plan

What does a typical dinner look like with the family and guests? Factors like sitting capacity come into play when choosing seats for your dining table. If you host several dinner parties or have a lot of friends and family over, you’d want to get enough chairs to fit everyone. A long bench running down the length of your dining table would be the best fit for many guests; you might also want to consider investing in a bench with a back, so your guests don’t slouch throughout the meal. However, backless benches will work perfectly for a corner table. Alternatively, when getting chairs for your dining room, steering away from cushioned pieces with armrests will help you fit in more seats, whereas a smaller household would get a cozy, close-knit feel with plush chairs.


Decisions, decisions. Chairs are just chairs; why not just nip it in the bud and get anything, right? Wrong! The prime materials used to construct your dining chairs determine durability. Additionally, materials vary in functionality depending on your lifestyle demands. For instance, classic maple wood chairs wouldn’t be compatible if you want an industrial touch in your dining area. On that same note, if the end goal is to have a bench that serves you for years to come, then you might want to hold off on that rattan bench you love so much. While a velvet dining bench is a definite eye-catcher, it’s not worth cleaning toddler food spills every other day. Or worse, having your pet use it as a scratch pole. Conversely, polyester upholstered chairs and wooden benches have low maintenance demands.

Final Thoughts

Dining spaces are more than just a sophistication; they hold holiday memories, meals, and conversations shared with our loved ones. You don’t want to settle for just anything but what feels right, and while that’s a tough pick, it is so worth it. Striking a balance between your style expectations with your household needs is a great start. Keep your options open and shy away from experimenting- conformity is tasteless! Besides, it is your space, and it does not have to make sense to anyone else. Happy shopping! 

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