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How to choose a good bench for your inside your home

Are you looking to round off some space around your home? Start with a bench; these underrated furniture pieces have a way of making an impact without taking away from the scene. Indoor benches are one of the few home additions that stretch well into aesthetics while doubling up as indoor seating spots and storage solutions. So versatile, these homey additions are voted for effortlessly blending into every space imaginable, from hallways to dining areas and bedrooms. If this sounds like a deal you don’t wouldn’t want to miss out on, then a selection checklist is a sure must-have. Ahead we cover five points to finding the perfect bench.


Size matters. Assess the space you’re looking to set your bench in and calibrate the intended width, length and height against that designated area. If the mock-up size sticks out of that selected space, it might be best to downsize. Alternatively, if the mock-up bench runs too small, it could be a complete eye sore so take the call to adjust accordingly.


Figuring out the purpose of your bench should be a priority. What are you looking to get out of it? Is the bench a solution to your entryway clutter? Or are you going for additional seating space at your dining table? Perhaps you’re only looking to fill that empty window space? Whichever the case, working out the function of your indoor bench is the catalyst to landing your perfect fit. Bear in mind that purpose will ultimately determine the type.


Indoor benches are multi-purpose- these furnishings can be utilized as coffee tables, reading nooks, storage units or decor pieces. Each function comes with specific elements; for instance, storage benches will sport depth to facilitate accommodation. Similarly, a seating bench will feature smooth cushioned faces for comfort. Admittedly, all it’ll take to nail the right features for your bench is tying together your needs and purpose.


Your indoor benches should always complement your living space regardless of the role. That said, take the creative liberty to experiment with different aesthetic elements from colors and prints to textures and materials until you find that perfect look. The idea is to shake things up or tie your interior theme altogether. You can choose to go matchy-matchy for your rustic-themed living room with a rich-coloured wooden bench or take the bold leap and explore an abstract acrylic bench for that Scandinavian-themed kitchen.


Like most furniture pieces, indoor benches will treat you to a variety of choices in material. Popularly, indoor benches are tailored from wood, metal, glass and plastic. Homeowners looking for durability, comfort, and versatility are always advised to settle on wood. Alternatively, people seeking after short-term fixes better thrive off glass and plastic benches. Conclusively, it all comes down to preference and function.

Summing up

Indoor benches are taking the home decor world by a whirlwind; contrary to what you think, it’s not all about aesthetics. Besides dressing up those hallways and laundry rooms, indoor benches make a name for themselves as multifaceted furnishing pieces. From storage to seating solutions, there’s so much these benches have to bring to the table; for this reason, modern-day homeowners are quick to embrace these additions. Nevertheless, to make the most out of indoor benches, one has to know what to look for, and what better start than a five-point guideline?

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