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How to Choose the Best Spot for Your Dining Table

The dining table is typically the focal point of a room it is in because of its size. So most people only think about the design and style of it. But just as essential as the table is the spot where you put it. It does not matter if you have a unique table in your neighborhood if you put it in the wrong place. That would just make it an eyesore. 

So, here is a simple guide to choosing the best spot for your dining table.

Look For Somewhere Spacious

If you have a rectangular room, determining whether it’s a good place to put your table is easy. All you have to do is measure the length and width of your room and deduct six feet from each. That will be the dimension of your rectangular table. So, for example, if you have a 16 x 12 feet room, the maximum size for your table should be 10 x 6 feet. This mathematical formula ensures people can have some breathing room and move their chairs when they want to sit.

But, do keep in mind the other large furniture or object in the space. For example, if you have a cabinet right behind the chairs, you’ll need to include it in the measurement. Remember to at least put three feet of free space on each side of your table so you and the other people who will sit will not have a hard time moving around.

Ensure There is Proper Lighting

Lighting is one of the essential things a dining space needs. Without proper lights, your guest can have difficulty seeing the food. And as you know, people eat with their eyes first. Another thing that lighting can do is dictate the mood of the room. Good ambient lighting will make the dining experience warmer, especially for occasions. But if you have a date with someone, dimming the lights and having some candles on the table will make the vibe more intimate.

Find a Visually Pleasing Spot Or Make One

Other than light and space, your dining table also needs to be in a visually pleasing spot to brighten the mood and make dinner more enjoyable. 

If you can place it where there is a view of nature, that would be great. But, if your home does not have that spot, you can hang wall decorations and paintings instead. It’s one of the finishing touches you can place in your dining space to make it more curated. 

But if you think those are expensive, having bright colored walls other than white will make for an interesting setup without drowning your eyes with a heavy tone. If you want something more unique than paint, you can try to put some wallpaper.


Finding the best spot for your dining table can be difficult because it’s a large piece of furniture. But it is necessary if you want people to have a complete dining experience. So if you know anyone who doesn’t know where to place their dining table, sharing this article should help.

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