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How To Set Up Your Dining Table Party For Success

Dinner parties are a dying art but art nonetheless (or are they?). The pandemic slowed the rolls on social get-togethers and hosting, but we are glad to say everything is back on board! Thanks to the team behind the vaccines, dinner parties are slowly making their way back into our homes, as we look forward to bringing our loved ones together and spending time with them, and what better way to do it than through food? 

Apart from good food, nothing really tops a properly set dinner table. A beautifully set table adds anticipation to your meal and will have your guest talking even on their rides home. But how do you bring that ‘wow’ effect to your table? Dining table parties need some preparation, and we are here to help out. Here is all the inspiration you need to plan a dining table party successfully. 

Find a suitable dining

A dining table allows you to host with ease. It really isn’t a dining table party if there is no dining; so, first thing’s first get a dining table. If you already have one, guest arrangement is next. However, if not, you need to browse for one suiting your needs. An extendable or round dining table is a good choice, especially if you like hosting. You can quickly work your way around adding more plates to the table if you need to. 

Use place cards

It’s 2021, do I still need place cards? Absolutely! For the benefit of your guests, ensure you get place cards for the dining table party; that way, there is no confusion about where who should sit when the time comes to dine. 

Rough up the tableware

Remember the China and silver you keep away for special occasions? Well, this is that occasion. Is the flatware not enough for all the guests? Don’t fret; you can mismatch tableware; mixing the vintage and new flatware adds some dimension to the table. 

Have fun with the tablecloth

Are you hosting a dining table party? Time to bring out the linen. Linen is a traditional dinner party basic, but it still works. You do not have to stick to the white table cloth; add some color and texture to your table if you do not want to. Play around with color and patterns to keep things visually interesting at the table. 

Get creative with seating

How many people are you hosting? It is essential to know how many people you will be accommodating at the table before you begin planning. Not many people have dining tables large enough to cater to a large group, but that is no reason to fret. With creative seating, you squeeze more people to the table. Antique stools and benches can serve as dining seating if your dining seats do not cater to all your guests.

Decorate wisely

Your dining table should look lovely, but not too overwhelming that it affects its function. The last thing you want is drinks spilling, elbows bumping, and candles knocked over at the table. Opt for low-maintenance decor that serves as a functional aesthetic to avoid taking up too much room at the table. 

Stick to easy table setting ideas

Hosting is a hard as it is; why complicate it further with complex serving rituals? There are different tablespace looks you can opt for your dining table, but we suggest keeping things simple. A simple help-yourself set up in no way means any less successful dining setting than a grand setting at the Meisen porcelain museum. 

Do not let those Bridgeton scenes throw you off your game because you now have all you need to plan a dinner party successfully. Get inspired with these guidelines to set up a dining table party that will wow your guests. 

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