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How To Tell Good Quality Furniture From Poor Quality

Every homeowner wants beautiful interiors in their house. And no interior is complete without the perfect furniture. 

But with so many furniture manufacturers out there selling different types of furniture, it can be hard to determine what is quality and what is not, especially if you are new to furniture shopping. Lucky for you, this article will help you tell what good quality furniture is from poor ones. 

What Is It Made Of?

The first thing for you to determine quality furniture is the material used for its construction. The best type is solid wood. But plywood is okay, too, if it uses at least nine layers.

Bach then, veneer was considered low quality. But due to innovations in furniture manufacturers, it can just be as good as solid wood furniture at a much lower price. Manufacturers construct veneers by covering a wood base with several layers of thin high-quality wood. If the wrapping is thick with no signs of warping, it should last long like solid wood furniture.

Furniture constructed with particleboards, fiberboards, or thin plywood is typically a sign of low-quality furniture. 

How Is It Constructed?

The second thing you need to determine is the construction of the furniture. So, look at the joints and corners of the item. Quality furniture is joined, not nailed.

Any furniture that uses only staples, nails, and glues is a sign of inferior craftsmanship. Quality furniture uses pegs, dowels as well as dovetails. 

And corners need a reinforcing lock, while large pieces need a crossbar for bracing.

Is It Upholstered?

For sofas, loveseats, and chairs, ensure that they have zippers so you can remove the cushions when you clean them. 

Foam materials need to be solid and not in chips. And lined with a protective covering of muslin or cotton. Seams need to be strong also and have no signs of loose thread. Quality furniture will also have tags showing instructions on how to clean them.

Are There Metallic Elements?

If the furniture uses metallic parts in its construction, there are a few things you need to determine. Manufacturers of quality furniture wield free-floating items like arms and metal legs with no signs of cracking. 

If you want to buy multiple metallic pieces of furniture like chairs, they would need to be in a uniform style, height, and shape. Discrepancies are a sign of poor quality unless intended.

If chromed, they should be evenly polished from top to bottom.

It’s all in the Details

Lastly, determine the overall craftsmanship of the furniture. And take a look at all the elements closely. Are the legs wobbly, or are the doors unbalanced? Is the fabric evenly sewn? Does the upholstery have bumps or runs? It’s essential to ask yourself these questions before buying any furniture.


Whether you are buying new furniture for your new house or renovating, quality furniture is a must to get the most of your money. So before you go to the furniture shop, remember what you’ve read today. And share this with your friends. So they know how to tell quality furniture from poor ones.

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