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Measuring for Furniture Delivery

Having a visual plan of how your latest furniture piece will fit into your space is quite natural; however, its technicality is far more complex. Avoid the frustration of finding out that furniture piece you are oh so in love with can’t fit through your doors by premeditating the whole process. We advise working your measurements down to the last detail rather than an estimated mental calculation of your space and entry space. How so?

Assess the item’s dimension

Be it a rustic bookcase, desk , or a dining table you have your eyes on, there’s only one cardinal rule-measure it! Eye-balling, the dimension of your furniture pieces, is only setting yourself up for disappointment.  Log onto our website for published length, width, height, and diagonal measurements for accurate sizing of your furniture items before your purchase.

Consider available space

Sure, a chest of drawers might look good in your bedroom, but do you have the space to accommodate it? No doubt you already know where you intend to place your new furniture addition- that’s half the job done. The next crucial step is to refer to the item’s width, depth, and height connotation from our website and map out those measurements on your floor using painter’s tape. Taping out the space you’re working with to scale guarantees the perfect fit.

A Step-by-step Guide to Measuring Entry Points for Your Furniture Delivery

When it comes down to furniture deliveries, passageways that are too narrow, too low, or too tight can be your undoing if not worked out sooner. We advise noting down all the passages your furniture pieces have to go through to get to your doorstep; doorways, elevators, hallways, stairways, you name it. So, how do you measure all that?


Jump right into measuring the length and width of the doorway(s) you intend to use for delivery and compare them against the furniture dimension. For pieces like sofas and chairs, the diagonal length should be less than the actual width of the doorway. You also test to see how wide your doors can open and look out for any architectural details that can hinder movement and access.


Primarily, how wide is your stairway? Are there any present banisters, handrails, or posts that can impede the entry of the furniture piece? Is the height from the bottom and top step of the staircase to the ceiling accommodating of your new furniture’s height? How is the stairway landing- is it sturdy and wide enough? All these are details you should look into when your home has a stairway.


Hallways are pretty straightforward; measure your hallway’s width and floor to ceiling height, taking into account all the twists and turns present. Also, be wary of any low-hanging fixtures and overhead architectural designs that might stand in the way of your delivery.


 For homes and apartment complexes with elevators, the rules are a bit different. The elevator’s interior height and width matter; additionally, you should consider the opening capacity and distance to the opposite wall.

Prepping for your furniture delivery

While we take on most of the heavy lifting for you, several specifications will require you to step in. Upon scheduling your delivery, you’ll have to communicate with the us on the specifics like road navigations, delivery time stipulations by local ordinances, gate entry, and insurance details.

Our Unlimited Furniture Delivery covers most furniture items and select non-furniture items extending into unpacking, assembly, and placement of your items to your convenience. However, we do not handle electrical equipment or re-organizing your pre-existent furniture. Therefore, it is up to you to pave the way for the white glove delivery service professionals to set aside any artwork, low-hung fixtures, and pets for a smooth delivery experience.

Wrapping up

Measuring and prepping for furniture delivery can seem like a lot, but it sure is worth all the hassle. I can’t imagine myself making several trips to the store to get the right furniture piece for my household, only for it to get stuck in the elevator, or worse, dented and grazed on the staircase. Measuring furniture delivery is undeniably life-changing, not to mention convenient. All you should do is log online, and voila, you’re good to go!

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