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Popular Styles of Tables In 2022

Tables are one of the largest pieces of furniture you can own in your home, which means you need to ensure that you are buying the best style that’ll fit the interior design of your house. If you don’t, you could buy something you’ll regret. 

A good example is the dining table. This furniture is the centerpiece of the dining room and where your family or guests eat, talk and hang out. So if you buy anything that sticks out like a sore thumb, it could ruin the mood in the room, making dinner and get-togethers less enjoyable. So to help you, here is a guide to popular tables in 2022.


If you value convenience, you are not wrong in choosing extendable tables. They may seem like any ordinary table, but manufacturers created them to allow you to expand it. 

The best part of this table is its versatility. On typical days, you probably don’t want your table to take up too much space in a room. But when there’s an occasion like a dinner party or game night, and you’ve got people coming over, you can extend the table to accommodate more people.


If you are into modern designs, parson tables would be perfect. You can easily identify this table because of its sleek, straight, and 90-degree angle design, with its legs sitting square and flush on the tabletop edges. 

You can get parson tables in any material or size, and they’ll maintain their clean and simple look. Whether you want this table to be part of your modern interior design or for more elaborate décor elements, the simplicity of the Parson table makes it timeless. So there’s no difficulty pairing this with other furniture pieces in your home.


Trestle tables may have originated in the middle ages, but their style has remained relevant even after many centuries. Typically people prefer a tabletop with two trestle support since it’s a sturdy and functional design while being classic and timeless. Trestle tables are also practical since they can last for a long time.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century tables may have originated in the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s. But its popularity remained today because of its natural tone and simple aesthetic.

Manufacturers typically make mid-century tables with warm-toned wood with angled wooden legs in a clean, minimalist style. Because of this feature, the opportunity to balance out large-scale artwork or chandeliers opens up. This table is also very versatile, offering functionality while remaining timeless.

Overall, mid-century tables are a safe style to choose, especially if you want something that remains fashionable for decades.


A farmhouse-style table is ideal if you want a warm, cozy vibe in a room. The rustic, with a little vintage feel, makes the farmhouse tables match any modern interior. It’s one of the ways to bring the pleasant feeling of the outdoors inside your house. Plus, manufacturers make farmhouse tables out of solid wood. So if you plan to use yours with heavy-duty tasks, you don’t have to worry about it breaking soon. 


Roundtables can come in various styles, but all of them will have, more or less, the same advantages. One of them is that roundtables are perfect for small spaces. It also lets you see everyone at the table, creating a sense of equality. That’s why it can be a good option for those who want a casual and inviting atmosphere.


Finding the perfect table for your home is no cakewalk, especially if you have no prior knowledge. But if you buy the ones above, it’s guaranteed you won’t have anything that will be out of place in your house. So if you know anyone having difficulty choosing what table to buy, share this article to help them.

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