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Petrified Wood Decor – #4


For a Touch of Timeless Elegance, Display Mother Nature’s Unique Handiwork

Preserved for millions of years by a millennia-long process called petrification, wood transforms miraculously into quartz crystal.

As hard at steel, petrified woods are renowned for their enormous range of exquisite colours, textures and designs.

Some petrified pieces retain the cellular level composition of the original wood. And the minerals and other elements which are present during the petrifaction process (iron, copper, manganese, chromium and silica among them) lend the woods a cornucopia of lustres and colour ranges.

Our recommendation: Make petrified wood fossils a centerpiece in your home by adding one or more of these beautiful accent pieces to your repertoire. Petrified wood pieces will enhance the timeless look and quality of the other furniture you select, offering mute, irrefutable testimony that when it comes to quality, uniqueness and finding the rarest of home and office treasures, you’re the expert.


7″H x 3.5″W (height includes stand)

Turin Bench