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Should you buy a used dining table or a new one

Are you moving into a new home or looking to refurbish your space? If you are, you probably should anticipate a splurge or save dilemma, especially with the furniture. Transitions are ideally costly, and when you zero in on the transportation, deposit, and miscellaneous expenses, you’re looking at gag-worthy thousands of dollars before you can have your space feel homey. It’s all part of the process- investing in the textiles, décor, and furniture pieces for our homes so they reflect and speak to us. Naturally, most people have a budget drawn out for their purchases, however, when it comes down to it, purchasing everything brand new is never financially reasonable. So, when should one make a call to go new? Or rather which furniture pieces come with the flexibility to compromise and go second-hand? Dining tables.

New vs. used dining tables: five considerations you should make.

Although they may not seem as much to most people, dining tables are centerpieces, these additions are what’ll ultimately stand out in the room. The feel, projection, functionality, and aesthetic of your dining table are the focal point of the area typically determining selection. Fortunately for you though, the market is brimming with plenty of tables meeting this criterion. The real question is; should you go the pre-loved or brand-new route with your dining table hunt? We have all the answers summarized for you below.


The prices tip the scales for new dining tables. You’ll find used tables relatively affordable compared to new ones, not because they’re of compromised quality but because their previous owner is looking to dispose of them. Usually, when people put second-hand dining tables up for sale, they’ve outgrown them or are looking to move on to something different, and since the table has some years on it, it’s bound to cost less than its original price. If you’re looking to save some bucks cash with your purchase, pre-used is no doubt the best way to go; however, if money isn’t a factor, we suggest getting a new table as they’re less likely to come flawed.

Note: Be sure to check for dents and scratches when paying for a second-hand table.


In terms of lifespan, new dining tables are built to last longer as they often come in perfectly good shape with zero tears and wear. There’s no denying that their high quality places them at an advantage to withstand traffic better than pre-loved tables would, guaranteeing you years of unwavering elegance and use. Dulling in comparison are second-hand tables that have seen the best of their years and endured a battering, you shouldn’t expect these pieces to weather high traffic gracefully. They’ll probably offer you nothing short of a couple of years of service. Durability should however not be a deal-breaker with used dining tables if you’re only out for something short-term and an organically vintage touch. 


Charming as they may be, pre-owned tables fall short in the variety department. Unlike brand new pieces, used dining tables don’t have a range of manufactured options to choose from, so, what you’ll see before your eyes is all you get. Of course, there’s always the option to shop around for different designs, but the fact remains that you wouldn’t enjoy the versatility and diversity available with store dining tables. Alternatively, trendy dining tables come in various styles, sizes, materials, and designs warranted to meet any taste and preference.


Are you looking to make an eco-conscious decision with your furniture? Second-hand furniture is the answer. Step off the consumer treadmill with a pre-owned dining table to significantly cut back on the carbon footprint synonymous with the furniture-making industry. By choosing to used over new dining tables, you’re directly minimizing the harvest of timber, the creation of plastic, and fossil fuel pollution. Pre-owned dining tables are also a notable contribution to the local economy, so by locally buying your table from your area, you’re directly chipping into the neighborhood financial system which is a plus.


One thing that stands out with brand new dining tables (particularly tailor-made ones), is their room for customization. Having your dining table carved from scratch means you’ll get to incorporate every detail to your liking, from the seating capacity to the material used and the size, a feature you’ll never find in pre-owned tables. The latter plays within the market-available options, and though sometimes you can switch things up a little bit with an old table, it will always be quite limited.

Bottom line

Whether or not to get a new dining table is a question with no definite answer; both ends of the spectrum sport undeniable pros as they do cons; ultimately, it all comes down to your needs and wants. Homeowners looking for purely vintage aesthetics, eco-conscious, and affordable home pieces that would serve them a short while would make do with a second-hand dining table. Comparatively, buyers looking to spend a buck on a long-term custom investment with variety and impeccable quality are better off choosing a brand new table. The call is, therefore, yours to make- analyze your budget, home’s needs, and style to find your perfect dining table.

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