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The End of the Traditional Chair?

Many dining room chairs built and sold at mass retail stores such as Brick, Leons and some high-end stores arrive in pieces – knock down chairs. This is because four times as many chairs fit into the same cargo space, reducing shipping fees.

Hint: Identify potentially dangerous knock down chairs by looking underneath. If a chair’s legs are bolted on, you’re looking at a knock down chair.  The wood on these chairs tends to be quite soft, and the insert bolt eventually falls out, making the chair unstable.   Knock down chairs are basically slap together chairs that will be thrown away after a few years.

At Anne Quinn, you’ll find solid wood, fully-assembled chairs made the traditional way by true craftsmen, with solid wood pieces, mortise and tenon joints and strong, thick corner braces. Workmanship and craftsmanship like this are hard to find today. Your new Anne Quinn chairs will be noticeable, remarkable, conversation pieces because they’re beautiful, comfortable, and sound—and each one is unique.

Made to last a lifetime—generations, in fact!— it costs more to make a chair like this, but we sell quality products, not cheap, cookie-cutter knock-down chairs that convince no one they’re made to traditional, Old World furniture standards.

Compare costs across time. Knock down chairs are usually mass-produced and slapped together. They must be replaced every 3 -5 years. At Anne Quinn, you’ll find only solid wood, Old World-crafted classics—ones can enjoy as long as you live and pass along as heirlooms to your loved ones.

Learn more:  Enjoy this brief video.

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