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Things to avoid getting on your solid wood dining table

Nothing stands the test of time like a solid wood dining table- these pieces hold unmatched charm, bringing a sense of sophistication and structural value to every room they’re introduced to. For this reason and more, solid wood dining tables cost a pretty penny, and while that pinch matches the worth, it’s only right to be wary. When you’ve spent so much on your dining table, you’re intrinsically inclined to get the most out of it; for some, this can look like a frequent polish and dusting. However, for others, it is establishing a mindful relationship with their dining tables. If the latter is where you’re at, understanding the do’s and don’ts of solid wood dining centerpieces is a good start. Here we discuss five don’ts to get you on track.


If you’re one to set casseroles straight from the oven or have a steaming cup of coffee on your bare dining table, here’s a fair warning. Heat can be extremely damaging to wooden furniture, often causing scorch marks and rings, and in extreme cases, heat can go as far as warping and cracking wood furniture. While there’s no way to avoid high temperatures with dining tables, there are solutions to help limit heat contact: placemats and tablecloths.

Note: Be very wary about your dining table placement ensuring you steer away from fireplaces, radiators and heaters.


Moisture is a sworn nemesis to solid wood dining tables; not only does it leave white rings when trapped on them, but it also causes the furniture to sag and swell. In addition, high humidity levels create a breeding ground for pests, mold and mildew; when all this is rounded up, it threatens the life and quality of your dining table. Fortunately, you can bar off these effects by using coasters for chilled drinks and regulating your dining room humidity with a dehumidifier.

Direct sunlight

No positives come from setting your dining table in direct sunlight, and we’ll tell you why. Apart from the heat exposure, the sun comes with UV content that can be disastrous for your dining table. Solid wood tables lose their shine and fine finishing with prolonged exposure to these ultraviolet rays. So while you may be excited about an outdoor dining table, you might want to remain conscious about where you set up. Blinds, shades, and drapes should do the trick for indoor dining settings with direct sunlight exposure.

Sharp objects

Hold back on the sharp objects if you want to protect your solid wood investment. Ideally, these items scratch and chip away at your dining table’s surface, leaving it unsightly. Of course, this caution sums up the sharp cutlery, chunky jewelry and cleaning techniques. On this note, we suggest lifting rather than dragging if you have to use a sharp knife and fork on your bare dining table. For the host with blinged-up guests, consider using a tablecloth to protect that gorgeous wood surface.

Pro tip: Whenever you have to scrape off clumps when cleaning your table, reach for your credit card instead of sharp abrasive materials; this works especially well for candle wax stains


Harsh commercial chemicals are wooden furniture’s biggest nightmare. Think back to your cleaning solutions and polishes; half of these products contain aggressive ingredients like ammonia and alcohol, which are quite capable of corroding and fading out that fine table finish. Identically, everyday use products that contain ingredients like alcohol pose an equal threat to your dining table, a perfect example being nail polish removers and perfumes.

Final thoughts

Furniture is a prized investment; for most, these are the pieces they envision making memories and growing old in. That aside, furniture pieces cost a pretty buck, so it’s only right to want to get your money’s worth. While going for the best quality pieces is one way to go about it, learning how to care for your furniture is what’ll ultimately serve you in the long run. Let’s face it; wood is a natural material; with time, it is destined to weather and cave to traffic, but there’s beauty in that. As your dining table lives out those memories with you, some of them will be engraved in little scratches and stains; take that and bundle it up with some love and care and you’ll have a table full of character. Trust us; nothing beats graceful ageing. 

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