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Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Dining Table

Do you need to buy a new dining table for your home but don’t know where to start? With all the options out there in the market, depending on different factors such as your dining room size, the number of people you live with, or your designated budget, dining table shopping might become overwhelming for you. 

Here is an essential guide for you that breaks down the things you need to note before buying a new dining table:


Deciding which table to buy based on its material may seem daunting, especially when you have to consider its price, comfort, and style. If you are thinking of what material should be best when shopping for a new dining table, you might as well look at these options:

  • Wood – If you are looking for a sturdy table that will last for a long time, wooden dining tables would be considered the best option. The best types of wood are teak, rosewood, pine, satinwood, or any other indigenous or imported timber. 
  • Glass – If you want a more classy and minimalist option, glass tables are lovely for your dining furniture set. For dimly-lit rooms, glass is a great choice to expand light across your given space. Glass is often a go-to material for tabletops and may last for a long time with proper care and maintenance.
  • Stone-Stone tabletops are go-to pieces that add a touch of luxury and elegance to your dining space. Types of stone materials are often chosen from composite, marble, quartz, and cement. However, one caveat for this kind of material for a tabletop is that it requires frequent resealing and cleaning. 
  • Metal – When used as a tabletop, metal dining tables match dining areas that reflect an industrial and rustic vibe. Although it is cheaper than the other types of table material, it is still sturdy and durable and may stand the test of time.

Size of Your Dining Area

It is also essential to consider the size of your room whenever you are buying new furniture, especially when it comes to dining tables. The rule of thumb is that your dining table must fit your dining area. Considering an object’s visual weight once it is placed in your designated space is also an essential element in choosing your dining table. 

Aside from the room’s size, it would help if you also took note of your family size. If you have a reasonably large household or love to invite guests over to dine, you may need a large dining table to accommodate all these people. Comfortability and the space required on the table surface itself to lay down the dishes and the dining utensils are relevant factors that also need to be considered.


Dining tables typically come in round, rectangular, or square shapes. To determine which form would fit well for your room, you need to consider how well your preferred table of choice would fit nicely into your dining area. Round tables are great for small dining spaces, while a square table can work well for a tiny family of four. Rectangular tables can seat more people and provide a classic, elegant feel to your dining area.

Matching Chairs

If you already have dining chairs available, it would be practical to choose a dining table to match these chairs and complete the set. A cohesive look would always look great, no matter what occasion there is that will be celebrated in your dining area. 

However, do not also be afraid to mix things up a bit and put a little contrast to your dining set. An example is having chairs in neutral tones and matching this with a table that has a bolder color. 


Durability and stability of a dining table are always primordial factors in making sure it is worth the money spent for such a piece of furniture. If you are on a tight budget, you may divide your preferences into must-haves and nice-to-haves, and from there, you can distinguish what would be your priority when choosing the right dining table for your home.


The best memories are often experienced in the space where your family gathers the most, and this will be your dining area. Having a dining table that checks all the boxes is a worthy investment but may also be an heirloom that preserves all your fond memories and that which you can pass on to your future generations.

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