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Tips for Choosing a Good Solid Wood Office Desk

A comfortable and functional solid wood office desk is crucial for many workers. Regardless of your job, a messy, broken, or unsuitable work desk can make your working days a hell. In this article, we’ll talk about what you should consider when choosing a good solid wood office desk Read on!

Be Familiar with Wood Types 

Your office desk should be durable while being stylish. Before buying a desk, consider the wood type used in it. Some of the best types of wood for an office desk are: 


Oak is a classic choice. It’s hard and durable, not to mention beautiful. It can take screws, nails, and sawing well — this is perfect if you plan to customize or DIY your office desk.


Walnut has gorgeous grains and elegant colors and patterns. Its chocolate brown color fits perfectly in a dark and sleek office setup. It’s also known for its extreme durability. 


Cherry wood varieties can sit well with any office setup. It has a fine texture and is compatible with any work tool. For DIY-er, cherry has excellent gluing, polishing, and screwing properties. 


Maple is popular for its budget-friendly price. What’s more, it’s stylish and durable. If you like lighter tones and colors, maple wood’s creamy white sapwood and pinkish-brown tinge are perfect. 

Consider Your Budget 

Your budget dictates your options. Oak is a fair choice if you have a sufficient budget. Walnut is about the same. If you have limited resources, cherry and maple are more cost-effective.

Others choose particle board office desks. They’re much more affordable than solid wood. However, they’re also less durable. If you have the money to spare, buy a desk that can last long. 

Don’t Forget the Storage  

Office desks can easily get cluttered. Pens, folders, documents, and other work “stuff” have a way of ruining the organization of your desk. As such, office desks with built-in drawers and storage spaces are a must. This is especially true for jobs like graphic design and others that require multiple monitors and work equipment.

Office desks with specialized computer CPU storage and cable management systems are now available in the marketplace. Desks with discreet storage designs are also available if you don’t like the sight of too many drawers. 

Evaluate Your Working Habit 

Your working habit greatly influences the right type of office desk for you. As mentioned, you’ll need plenty of storage space if you use many tools. 

But if your job requires you to meet clients outside of the office, then a cleaner and sleeker type of desk might suit you. If you’re easily distracted, desks with side barriers will help you focus. 

Match It with Your Style 

The perfect desk is one with great utility, storage, and style. If you can, find an office desk that matches your personal style without compromising its utility and your budget. Most office desks are summarily chosen by companies without much consideration for the employees’ personal styles. So if you’re in a position to have a preferred style of desk, do it. 

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