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Types Of Wood Furniture To Use In Your Backyard

Whether you’re an outdoorsy person or not, there’s no denying that airy, lush, and conversational spaces are always a vibe. Fresh air and tastefully designed spaces have a way of extending the outdoor hangs and not just in the warmer seasons. Backyards, for one, are some of the most often downplayed property spaces. I mean, who cares if the front is insanely impressive, right? Not quite. Backyards can potentially transform into these cover-worthy chill spots straight out of a Home Living issue with just the right amount of love. With appropriate lighting, landscaping, furniture, and decor, you can turn the most basic backyard into a dreamy space you’ll never get over. So, where to start? Furniture fun!

Four types of furniture you can incorporate into your backyard.

Backyard makeovers are creatively driven so, whether you’re working with a sprawling turf or an intimate haven, you’re most definitely bound to find something that’ll fit right into your space. The key to nailing that backyard setup is finding inspiration and prioritizing your needs and comfort before diving in headfirst. Ideally, your choice of furniture will be steered by comfort and convenience; this notion, however, is not entirely exclusive. For one to get all the bells and whistles, to backyard furniture sprucing, you’ll have to think chic. Below we’ve got five types of wood furniture that’d be perfect for your backyard.

Outdoor dining

Outdoor dining setups are by far our favorite backyard inspiration, probably because nothing’s more whimsical than a backyard dining set. An outdoor wooden dining table in all its warmth and glory with comfy wooden chairs to match, say Adirondack? We’re obsessed! Hunt down a hardwood walnut dining table with a distinctive grain pattern to add some character to your backyard. Complement your wooden dining table with a touch of greenery and cushioned chairs or along an adjacent bench, and you have yourself the ultimate picnic-style meal right in the comfort of your home. Throw in a grill and watch your backyard dining area matchup as an entertainment space for your guests.

Artsy pool chairs

Turn those poolside hangs up a notch with some over-the-edge artsy pool chairs. Forget the old and boring striped pool lounges and go for wooden poolside seats with quirky, artsy slings to add a little bit of pizzazz and personality to your backyard. Summertime will hit differently with some creativity-filled chairs to sip your mocktails on. Better yet, why not turn this into a DIY project and paint the seat slings yourself, adding on pops of your favorite summer colors as you go. The personalization and low-budget aspect of this backyard furniture idea give us all the more reason to love it!

Canopied daybed

If breezy romantic afternoons on a sheer-curtained swinging canopy bed doesn’t have you falling in love, we don’t know what will. Not only is this addition aesthetic, but it’s also intimate, giving you an airy break from the mundane afternoon chills in bed on the weekend. Break up the lush green outdoors with a warm-toned red cherry oaked canopy bed hanging in your backyard. Trust us on this one; the canopied bed will give you the perfect little getaway for your midday naps or a flip through your favorite novel. Don’t forget to add some throw pillows for that extra plush.

Garden benching

Who doesn’t appreciate a secret garden with a gorgeous stop? Spruce up your backyard with a garden filled with all your favorite herbs or flowers, then add on a candy-colored softwood bench to bring that old English garden feel. Let your imagination take charge and transform your garden into a dreamy space with artificial fountains and cute lamp fixtures to light up your hop-scotch path by night. Fresh herbs, shaded benches, and gorgeous flowers in bloom? We’re betting the tea lovers will have an epic trip with this inspiration.

Elevated seats

You’ve probably heard about statement accent chairs one too many times, so allow us to switch it up a little bit. Invest in some elevated seats to suspend in your backyard; they could be anything from wicker chairs to wooden swings. Spice the seats up with colorful plush, cozy cushioning for the ultimate homey feel. Elevated seats make the list of the all-year-round backyard décor inspirations we can’t stop gushing over. A pumpkin spice latte in the winter, while curled up in that wicker basket swing with warm fuzzy socks, sounds like a good deal to me.

Summing up

Backyards might be the most undermined spaces in most properties, but boy, do they have potential! Whatever additional home features you can’t stop thinking about can effortlessly blend into your backyard, be it a pool, breakfast nook, or a fireplace- there’s no limit. While all these ideas require a substantial amount of research and funding to execute, there’s no denying they’re pretty practical and manageable regardless of the space in question. So, maybe before you get your hands dirty with your latest backyard DIY project, you might want to take some time to check out your wooden furniture options.

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