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What Type of Dining Table Is Best for Your Home

Dining tables are an essential piece of furniture at home. It’s a place to eat while talking to your loved ones while enjoying foods served in front of you. Also, if you’re eating at a dining table, there is a higher likelihood that you’d get to pay more attention to the food you’re eating and savor the flavors better! 

Choosing the right dining table for your home is vital because of its benefits, and it enhances the appearance of your dining area. If you occasionally have guests over your home, having a dining table is a great way to make them feel welcomed and present food in a better way. But, what type of dining table would be perfect for various homes? If you’re curious to know about this, read down below. 

Pedestal Table 

Typically, a pedestal table consists of a broad top table standing on a solid single leg situated in the center of the table, and they provide a lot of perks! Some of these give an abundant surface space for eaters to move around and allow more room to squeeze in some more people in your table area. 

Since no other legs are present on each corner of the table, like in rectangular-shaped ones, they are great for small dining spaces because it allows a person to get up and sit down again with better space and clearance. With this, pedestal tables are stylish, simple, and easy to design, making them easy to complement the design of your home. 

Round Dining Table 

If you think you don’t have much space in your dining area, consider getting a round-shaped one. Round-shaped dining tables allow people to have more space and walk around better to their designated seats. In this sense, you could say goodbye to bumping into one another or overcrowding when you’re heading to your seat. 

If you have pets at home, consider getting a round table that comes in a pedestal base. The base is made out of metal to prevent your little fur ones from chewing or scratching on it. Consider training your pets to prevent them from doing that to your furniture. 

Glass Table 

One thing’s still sure; glass tables will never go out of style! Glass tables are famous for providing a sleek and elegant appearance in a room. It also allows a great distribution of light in your dining room to help brighten up your space. 

Although it’s fragile, they still look best and are usually on a pedestal made out of various materials like marble, metal, and more, making them attractive to be an item of the house furniture. So, if you do not have an ample dining space and do not have great access to natural light, this table could enhance your dining area and make it look bigger. 

Rectangular Table

For larger dining areas, it’s recommended to have a rectangular-shaped dining table to fill the void inside the room. Compared to other tables you may find in the market, this type helps bring out the homey feeling and provides ample space for more seats you could dine with. 

Pedestal Drop Leaf Table

Pedestal drop leaf tables are best for people whose primary need in their table could help save space when the table is not being used. The tabletop of a drop-leaf table is typically round or oval-shaped and is mounted on a single pedestal, making them still look beautiful. 

The dominating feature of this kind of table is their hinged leaves on either side. Owners could secure and put up the leaves when they needed a larger table and put them down if they wished to have a smaller version of the table or move them to the side of the room. It’s a great table that combines convenience and beauty. 


No matter what reason you may have for intending to buy a dining table, always make sure that it would complement your home’s theme and will match your designated place. Dining tables are an excellent investment for food fanatics and chef wannabes there, so there’s no worry of getting your money wasted because good food needs some good table presentation!

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