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Why Is Handstone Furniture So Good?

When choosing items for your home, it should always be pieces that will last your family and future generations. This applies especially when it comes to furniture. Your furniture of choice can make or break the aesthetic of any space – it can give your living room a homey space, or it can provide your loft with that industrial feel that you are aiming for.

There are many kinds of furniture out there in the market. But only a few stand out that give you the value for your investment. If you reside in Canada or are looking for quality Canadian-made furniture, Handstone might be a name you have already come across. 

What is Handstone?

Handstone Furniture started as a small family-owned woodworking shop in Canada in 1999. Over the years, it developed into a big manufacturing company known for its exceptional hand-crafted furniture pieces and has been sold exclusively across independent furniture stores in the country.

What makes Handstone furniture exceptional?

Made to Order Furniture

If you are an enthusiast for custom-made pieces, Handstone furniture is definitely for you. Most furniture stores display pre-made items that are uniform and standardized and cater to a broader market of customers who want ready-made furniture. Handstone explicitly manufactures the pieces that their clients handpicked – down from sketches of furnishings up to the size of the table itself.

Handstone has an array of design experts who can assist you in sketching your dream furniture and bring these works to life. The company gives clients the option to choose the material for hardwood, paint, or stain and upholstery that best fits their preference. You can choose from any of the best-quality hardwoods – dried cherry, red oak, and maple, among many others.

Best Warranty Offered in the Market

Handstone offers a 10-year limited warranty for its customers, which you might not even need, given the quality of the artisanship put into each customized piece sold. This warranty protects consumers from craft or manufacturing defects as you receive your furniture pieces. The company also offers an additional one-year warranty for all leather, fabric, and non-furniture-related concerns.

The company firmly goes by its slogan: “Our commitment is clear. HANDSTONE… Crafted for life.” Rest assured, your Handstone furniture will be a household item that can last to your future generations.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

Purchasing high-quality non-perishable goods such as furniture are not only cost-friendly but environment-saving as well. Handstone guarantees pieces that will last for a long time, hence minimizing the clogging of landfills by constantly throwing away household items not needed in homes. 

Even the manufacturing process ensures that no material is wasted as minimal scrap is used and any waste or excess is recycled – e.g., sawdust is reused as bedding for livestock raised within the company vicinities, and wood scraps are used as a source of heat for local homes.


Whatever design, material, or wood finish you desire for your dream furniture, Handstone got you covered. You can choose from over 140 fabric materials and 12 types of leather, and a wide selection of quality wood to make your furniture truly and personally all your own. Start now by browsing through their website to see their entire selection.

Anne Quinn is a handstone dealer with many samples on the floor and expert advice, make sure to visit Anne Quinn when shopping for Handstone products.




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