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Why it’s always worth getting a quality solid wood bed

Furniture shopping is one of the few experiences with the prospects of going from exhilarating to confusing quickly, and we’ll tell you why. When you first walk into a furniture store, you’re automatically drawn to the eye candy; the gorgeous furniture pieces that look like an AD cutout, and it makes total sense- these are the items that align with your taste and style. However, with that comes a dilemma too familiar; more often than not, these catchy furniture pieces either sport a price tag high enough to make you gag, or they’ll be far from functional. Don’t get us wrong, a steel asymmetrical cloud bed would make the ultimate statement piece for your bedroom, but how practical would it be for a goodnight’s sleep? Better yet, how well would it age in your humid Colorado home? These are just some questions that leave most people frustrated with non-traditional furniture choices.

Five reasons why you should invest in solid wood beds

In an age and era where innovation and liberated artistic expression take a front-row seat, you’d expect classics to be a thing of the past. Take the furniture-making industry, for instance; it edges further away by the day from tradition, constantly adopting new and unconventional shapes, forms, and materials to keep up with the trends. While this change is indisputable, no doubt, wood still manages to maintain its position as the most preferred raw material for furniture making, more so with beds. Why is that? Read on for five reasons why quality solid wood beds will always have an edge in the market.

Timeless beauty

Solid wood is an inherently beautiful material; its streaks, rings, grains, and color variations are guaranteed to spruce up the feel of any room it’s introduced to. Bridge that god-given charm of natural wood with some skilled hand-craftsmanship, and you have yourself an elegant centerpiece for a bed. Solid wood beds will also make a practical choice as they’re designed to meet desired style and sophistication without compromising comfort. The beauty of timber is undoubtedly everlasting- so while your oak bed is set to age, it will do so like fine wine, gradually deepening into a darker, richer chocolate tone to give your bedroom an unmatched sense of character and dignity.

Unique and customizable

One of the upsides of getting a solid wood bed is that you can always have it customized to your liking. Wooden beds, unlike mass-produced ones, present a malleable option that’ll often take the form and requirement needs of their owner. You can choose to alter your bed to your preferred specifications and features, down to the little details. Additions like bespoke bedposts, footboards, tailored headboards, and under-bed drawers are but some of the innumerable customizations you can have incorporated into your bed. We also love that solid wood maintains its natural grain patterns, which means one bed could never be identical to the next one produced.

Sturdy and durable

Unlike most materials available in the market today, wood is a solid and durable option which makes it ideal for furniture making. For most people, furniture shopping is an investment, so when they drop thousands of dollars on a solid wood bed, they expect it to serve them for years. Solid wood is structured to be sturdy enough to withstand years of weight and wear without squeaks and cracks; this attributes its lengthy lifespan. Wood is also not as fragile as glass or acrylic, and its body is less prone to scratches, consequently quoting to its durability trait. The ability of wood to withstand weather extremes and still age gracefully is a plus all on its own.

Easy to maintain

Wooden beds come with ease in maintenance- these bedroom additions thrive on minimal care, unlike most materials that’ll have you tiptoeing around. When you’re looking to invest in a solid wood bed, you can go pest-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the quality and life of your bed. Alternatively, choosing wood species prone to pests and diseases is a sustainable route with pesticides. In the case of dust, scratches, and spills, a solid wood bed can be quickly restored by an occasional wax treatment, a wipe down, and sanding. These effortless maintenance tips make solid wood beds a go-to option for most households.  

Versatile and adaptable

Any bed carved out of solid wood is impressively adaptable to change; these additions can be stained, painted, waxed, or sanded down to match any aesthetic and space- this is more than you’d ever get with mass-produced beds. Apart from taking well to modifications, solid wood beds come in various species choices from hard- to softwood and an undeniably wide range of color variations; this ultimately warranties solid wood beds seamlessly fitting into any theme. So, if your whole bedroom vibe is rustic, don’t sweat it; going cherry or mahogany will undoubtedly bring in that balance.


Wood may seem like a pricier path, but its nonexhaustive benefits make it worth the pretty penny. When we’re thinking of furnishing our homes, we prioritize durability, affordability, style, and functionality, and beds are no exception. Investing in your bed is more than just a formality; it’s an equal investment into your sleep quality, space, and general wellbeing, thus demanding the extra thought. Solid wood beds stand to offer more than any unconventional option available in the market today. Therefore, going for solid wood beds is more than a subscription to trends and traditions but a conscious choice to a well-rounded selection instead.

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