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Winter Care Tips for Your Wood Furniture

As winter approaches and temperatures go down, you are probably not staying out that much often sitting in your backyard. Snow, rain, and the cold will eventually force you to go inside, where you’ll spend your evenings all snuggled up rather than watching sunsets. 

But since you now spend most of your time inside your house, you might be wondering about all the furniture you placed outside when it was summer. And if you have invested in expensive and quality wood furniture, you would want to ensure that nothing damages them. Lucky for you, this article is here to tell you how to take care of your wood furniture during winter.

Is Cold Weather Bad For Wood Furniture?

Since you’re reading this article, you might be wondering, “Can cold weather affect my wood furniture?” Unfortunately, it can.  

That is because the wood contains water. As the temperature drops, the wood begins to contract. And when it warms up, wood expands. The repeating contraction and expansion will create a warp in your wooden furniture. This leads to it losing its original shape and stability.

Protecting Your Wood Furniture from winter

Now that you know why cold temperature is not good for your wood furniture, below are some tips you should follow so they will not get damaged when winter arrives.

Keep Them Away From Heat Sources

As was said above, heat can expand wood, and since it’s winter, a sudden temperature rise can warp the shape of your furniture. It can also discolor them. So to prevent this from happening, store your wooden furniture away from heat sources like vents and fireplaces. 

Don’t Put Hot Drinks and Bowls Directly On Your Wooden Dining Tables or Other Wood Furniture

Nothing beats drinking hot chocolate or coffee during winter. But remember, you shouldn’t put hot drinks and bowls directly on your wooden dining table. Why? Because doing so creates a ring on them that is very hard to remove. If you are going to place hot mugs or cups on them, put a coaster first. The same goes for your other wood furniture.

Keep Temperatures Steady 

Constant changes in temperature can warp wood. It can even crack them. So if you are going to store them inside your house, keep them in a temperature-controlled environment where you can monitor the atmosphere. 

Dust Them Regularly

To preserve the overlook of your wooden furniture, you must dust them regularly. 

Treat your wooden furniture like any other furniture you are using in your home. Use a damp cloth to clean it every few weeks. 

Don’t Expose Them to Direct Sunlight    

Even if the temperature is cool, your wooden furniture can still get damaged by sunlight. So ensure that it will not be exposed directly to it as it can discolor the wood.

Polish It with Lemon Oil

Give your wooden furniture the care it needs by rubbing some lemon oil on it regularly. This will keep the wood moisturized and shiny. Lemon oil is also swell for UV protection.

Maintain Humidity Levels

Aside from the temperature, it’s also essential to maintain the humidity levels in your storage area. Dry heat can dry up and crack your furniture. 

Typically you would want to keep the moistures levels within 40-45 percent. But if your house can’t reach this humidity, you can purchase a humidifier.


Wooden furniture can be expensive. That is why if you don’t want to waste your money, maintenance is a must. So, share this article with your friends so they too can maintain their wood furniture during winter.

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