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Wood furniture ideas for your living room

With most of our time spent in our living areas, we’re automatically inclined to invest so much thought into these spaces. We want our guests to read into the bold artwork, the rugs, and fabrics and still see us. The space layout and décor elements sprawled across our living area are a tasteful attempt to communicate our personality and style while maintaining that warm, inviting feel of a home. While most people tend to have a rough sketch of the color, theme, and texture they want to incorporate into your home, furniture is a tricky bet. But can you blame them? Considering the furniture pieces you invest in are expected to serve you for years to come without growing weary, outdated, or boring, cold feet are expected.

Living room furniture inspiration

Furniture buying isn’t a one-thought trip; it takes pre-meditation and critical thinking, with concerns on durability, functionality, and affordability often coming into play. The answer to most of these concerns almost always rounds up to the same thing- wooden furniture. For the most part, wooden furniture checks out with all the preliminary requirements of timeless furniture. But with such a wide range to choose from, where do you begin? Ahead we’ve put together five types of living room furniture pieces you can never go wrong with.

Contemporary Lounge Benches

Sofas are an overrated living room tradition- yes, we said it. Don’t get us wrong; we have nothing against the classic tufted sofa trifecta; however, an occasional break from the ordinary is far more refreshing. Ditch the monotonous two- and three-seater arrangement for a gorgeous wooden bench, this subtly quirky addition is equally catchy as it is functional. Live on the edge with a fun, eclectic geometric print cushioned bench, or play it safe with an intricate stained pine piece for a simply sophisticated look. Whichever your décor path, a lounge bench will always bring in the wow-factor to your living room

Majestic Dining tables

If your living space is ample enough to accommodate both a seating and dining area, then you’d want to camp here. Wooden dining tables are an absolute favorite for home décor conversations; I mean, who could resist gushing over their warmth and raw beauty, right? The durability and versatility factors alone are enough to have anyone sold on a solid wood dining table and don’t even get us started on their maintenance ease. Bring a touch of nature onto your living space with a bold dining area centerpiece. Our personal favorite is the cherry oak dining table; it’s hard to miss the mark with this gorgeous red-toned piece gracing the room with all of its glory.

Rustic Credenzas

Rustic credenzas ooze character and charm into any living space they’re introduced to. The antique feel of wooden credenzas is tastefully unfussy, making them a match for any home regardless of style. Are you feeling a coastal vibe? Go for a white-stained credenza. Out for a repurposed barn inspiration? Consider a rich mahogany credenza- there’s no limit. Explore the wide variety of wood finishings to find the perfect match for your living room and the best part? All that extra storage space! I don’t know about you, but finding living room storage without compromising aesthetics is a tough case.

Bold accent chairs

Hand-hewn rattan recliners, plush loveseats, Old Hickory hoop chairs, the list goes on. Accent chairs are always a hit in living room décor; these simple, sophisticated additions break up the living area elements while adding a sense of balance to the room. Throw in some bold-colored wooden upholstery chairs to liven up your neutral living room. Better yet, take a break from the norm and go all out with a weird-shaped accent chair nestled under your floor lamp; this would be an ultimate showstopper while creating a cozy reading nook for those lazy afternoons.

Bottom line

Living rooms are particularly the most highlighted spaces in our homes because it’s where first impressions are formed- this is the area to entertain your guests, enjoy game nights with your family and friends and spend those lazy afternoons lounging. Hence, it’s only fitting to be a little conscious. While there’s a wide range of options available in the market today, bagging furniture pieces that meet all these functions can be quite a challenge. Cozy, warm, functional, and chic is the ultimate furniture shopping scheme for us, and wooden furniture for one offers a versatile, well-rounded option with an impressive number of benefits to going with it. So if you’re on the hunt for living room furniture, you might want to add wood to your top list of options.

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