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You may not realize it yet, but keeping your home or office furniture tip-top is a must for your home. Furniture pieces are investments that could make or break the function and design of each room in your home. Eventually, these furnishings become sentimental pieces handed down from one generation to another throughout the years.

However, like all other household or office pieces, furniture goes through wear and tear, and the quality of the items starts to deteriorate over time. Desks are pieces of furniture that are essential to any space and are one of the most used items – whether they be put in the study, the receiving area, as a makeshift counter, or dining room table.

Here is where you can get started – specially regarding how to preserve your desk, so you might be able to keep it around for years to come:

Regular Cleaning

Desks are usually furniture pieces used for eating or studying. Some people do both, particularly those who like to do working meals or have a cup of coffee while studying or working. However, dust and dirt buildup, along with the occasional liquid spill, may significantly damage your desk. 

If you wish to keep your desk for a more extended period, it is imperative to regularly and thoroughly clean your furniture. Stains are pesky as they are the primary cause of wood deterioration the longer they stay on the surface. You may also use a solution appropriate for wiping desk surfaces, particularly wooden ones. Wiping of the surfaces should not only stop there but must also include the legs of the desk. 

Keep The Desk Away from the Elements

For those who prefer to do their activities at their desks outside, you might easily neglect this item by allowing it to be exposed to elements like rain. Wear and tear will be more applicable for furniture left to sit outside for too long, particularly in the months when rainfall is frequent or even during the snowy season.

Wooden desks are vulnerable to mold from moisture exposure by being left outside, particularly when it rains. The deterioration process might also be sped up when it is left to sit under the sun. Protect your beloved desk furniture by remembering to store it where it can be kept dry, such as under shaded or covered areas. 

Upgrade Your Desk Hardware

Nuts and bolts might seem unimportant, considering their only job is keeping the item together. However, it should be noted that these become damaged over time. You should also check these regularly to see if these pieces are still usable and viable to be passed on in the long run.

Give It A Brand New Look With Fresh Paint

If your desk has acquired several scratches or stains during constant use over time, the best solution to still keep it preserved and brand new is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Applying a fresh coat of paint over furnishings may also completely transform your desk. This way, there can only be minimal damage that may become apparent in the future.


By taking care of your home or office desk, you won’t have to replace your furniture any moment soon. Giving your desk a boost by treating them well and providing protection ensures that your desk will last through the years, if not for the next generations.

A comfortable and functional solid wood office desk is crucial for many workers. Regardless of your job, a messy, broken, or unsuitable work desk can make your working days a hell. In this article, we’ll talk about what you should consider when choosing a good solid wood office desk Read on!

Be Familiar with Wood Types 

Your office desk should be durable while being stylish. Before buying a desk, consider the wood type used in it. Some of the best types of wood for an office desk are: 


Oak is a classic choice. It’s hard and durable, not to mention beautiful. It can take screws, nails, and sawing well — this is perfect if you plan to customize or DIY your office desk.


Walnut has gorgeous grains and elegant colors and patterns. Its chocolate brown color fits perfectly in a dark and sleek office setup. It’s also known for its extreme durability. 


Cherry wood varieties can sit well with any office setup. It has a fine texture and is compatible with any work tool. For DIY-er, cherry has excellent gluing, polishing, and screwing properties. 


Maple is popular for its budget-friendly price. What’s more, it’s stylish and durable. If you like lighter tones and colors, maple wood’s creamy white sapwood and pinkish-brown tinge are perfect. 

Consider Your Budget 

Your budget dictates your options. Oak is a fair choice if you have a sufficient budget. Walnut is about the same. If you have limited resources, cherry and maple are more cost-effective.

Others choose particle board office desks. They’re much more affordable than solid wood. However, they’re also less durable. If you have the money to spare, buy a desk that can last long. 

Don’t Forget the Storage  

Office desks can easily get cluttered. Pens, folders, documents, and other work “stuff” have a way of ruining the organization of your desk. As such, office desks with built-in drawers and storage spaces are a must. This is especially true for jobs like graphic design and others that require multiple monitors and work equipment.

Office desks with specialized computer CPU storage and cable management systems are now available in the marketplace. Desks with discreet storage designs are also available if you don’t like the sight of too many drawers. 

Evaluate Your Working Habit 

Your working habit greatly influences the right type of office desk for you. As mentioned, you’ll need plenty of storage space if you use many tools. 

But if your job requires you to meet clients outside of the office, then a cleaner and sleeker type of desk might suit you. If you’re easily distracted, desks with side barriers will help you focus. 

Match It with Your Style 

The perfect desk is one with great utility, storage, and style. If you can, find an office desk that matches your personal style without compromising its utility and your budget. Most office desks are summarily chosen by companies without much consideration for the employees’ personal styles. So if you’re in a position to have a preferred style of desk, do it. 

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