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If you have a small house, conserving space as much as possible is a must. So, most like to combine two rooms into one like the kitchen and the dining room, putting a dining table in their kitchen.

Some dining tables will come in set with matching chairs, but some won’t. So, if you found the perfect dining table for your kitchen, but it doesn’t come with chairs, this article will help you.

Seat height

The best way to find the perfect seat height is to sit on different types of chairs. You can visit any furniture and test the ones they have displayed. Or you can pay attention to your chair when you eat out. Keep a measuring tape with you. So you can take note of what the proper height is if you find the perfect chair height.

Another factor you need to consider when trying out different chairs is if it’s upholstered or not. Upholstered furniture compresses when you sit on them, and can be substantial if the padding is thick. So, it would be best to have someone measure the seat height when you sit on the chair.

Most people prefer to have a 10 to 12 inches distance from their seat to the tabletop. But it can vary, especially if you consider the thickness of the tabletop, the size of the diner, and the apron. 

Width and Depth

Finding the right chair is not all about heights. You will need chairs that fit under the table too. Chairs that can’t will make your diners uncomfortable and damage your table and chairs.

If you have a rectangular or oval table, your chair needs to slide without bumping into each other or the legs. Or to the base of the trestle table. This rule applies to the square and circular tables as well.

If you plan to have chairs at both ends of the long side of your table, ensure enough space for your diners’ legs that they won’t touch each other. It can feel cramped and uncomfortably close if they do. It’s the same thing for roundtables. So leave inches of space between each chair.

Arm and Back Heights

If you want arms with your chairs, ensure that they will not brush or bump the bottom of your apron or tabletop. Besides damaging your chairs and table, it can also make your diners uncomfortable because they can’t sit close enough to the table.

The last thing you need to determine when choosing is the difference between your table height and the overall height of your chair. Ensure the backs of your chair are higher than your table. And while taller is better, the minimum height difference should only be 2 inches. Anything lower would make your chair look squatty.


Besides ensuring your chair and table are compatible, they also need to look good together. 

Chairs and a table with the same element will typically be the best choice if you want them to be compatible. That common element can be the undertone finish, formality, or period. It can even be the furniture legs.

That said, you don’t need to match everything. You are better off buying a set if that is what you seek. For example, since your dining room is also in the kitchen, take some elements from it, too. So if you have a traditional chair, you can match its undertone with the color of your kitchen.


Choosing the right chair for your kitchen and dining table can be tricky. It’s essential to consider the tips and not just buy the first thing you see. So, if you know anyone who’s planning to buy some chairs for their kitchen and dining table, sharing this article should help them.

One element that could make or break these spaces is dining chairs when it comes to dining rooms. As you choose which dining chairs would best suit your room, style plus comfort and functionality is the formula that sets your area apart from others.

You might want to go for the classic look that matches your dining table and the rest of your glassware and other dining room ornaments. Or perhaps, you prefer something experimental by mixing and matching different colors and textures as you go dining chair shopping. 

To help you choose among the popular and stylish dining chairs out in the market, here is a guide to help you pick among the choices that would best suit your fancy:

Chair Styles

  • Armchair – This is the go-to for those who prefer comfort, especially when eating during meal times in the dining area or having a quick chit-chat with your friends and family over tea. A straight back characterizes this style, with side features supporting the arms and back as the user sits down.
  • Side Chair – Side chairs are usually placed on the sides of formal dining tables. Unlike how armchairs are made, side chairs do not have side support intended for people who would like to rest their arms. Nonetheless, this style gives more space for the speaker to move around and face his body to any side.

Chair Materials

  • Wood – For those who like to have a minimalist touch for your dining area, wooden chairs offer a timeless and classic aesthetic to your space. Not only that, but it is also an eco-friendly choice and gives that homey and laid-back vibe to your dining set.
  • Upholstered – If you want to elevate your dining room set up with a more sophisticated choice of seating, then upholstered chairs are a perfect choice. It brings style to your whole dining arrangement, but it also provides comfort to your household and guests who would want to rest on them.
  • Metal – For a sleek, chic look – metal chairs are the ideal selection for you. With that rustic, industrial edge, the smooth texture will give your room that high-end coffee shop feels that your guests will appreciate. Metal chairs also need less maintenance as any spillage can be easily wiped off and cleaned from its surface. 
  • Leather – Need a sophisticated chair yet laid back at the same time? Then consider getting yourself leather-covered chairs. Leather is a durable option that may elevate the look of your whole dining table set. It also serves as a versatile decorating option if you want to order a lone chair that you can place beside any other decorative ornament in the room, such as a lamp or a big potted plant.

Back Styles for Chairs

  • Solid Back – For those who prioritize back support and comfort, a dining chair with a solid back is the go-to selection. This straightforward design ensures comfort and stability to any user and often features different formats since it does not have slants or cutouts on its surface.
  • Tufted Back – Upholstered dining chairs often bear this design, characterized by tufting buttons to give that classy, posh look to the seating that would complement a sophisticated dining setup. The soft cushion that goes along with the tufted design is also a massive plus for those who want to be seated comfortably.
  • Open Back – If you want to have a unique set of dining chairs, open back styles are the perfect options. You can choose from various selections that feature cutouts of the back of the chair. 
  • Slat Back – This is a variety of the open back chair, where instead of different designs of cutouts, you have vertical slats that are featured as the design of the whole back. Some chair designers also do horizontal slats. Either way, both designs will add a unique sense of style to your dining space.


Finding the perfect seating for your dining set is no easy task. However, with proper research and depending on your vision and budget for your ideal dining set, you may be able to pick the seating that would best reflect your creativity and style preference. Hopefully, this guide helps you in your dining chair shopping experience.

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