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Handstone Furniture Dealers Markham & Toronto

Anne Quinn the Handstone furniture dealers Markham & Toronto expert. Looking for a Handstone furniture dealer visit our showroom featuring Handstone solid wood dining living room, and bedroom furniture with over 500 five star reviews.


Handstone Furniture Dealer Toronto Phillipe Table – Cherry, Smooth Finish, Rosewood Stain – 48" x 96" - Fairmount End Chairs (Abbey Road 10), Alex Tuffed side Chairs (Front: Abbey Road 10, Back, Morphee 130)

Handstone Phillipe Table – Cherry, Smooth Finish, Rosewood Stain – 48″ x 96″ – Fairmount End Chairs (Abbey Road 10), Alex Tuffed side Chairs (Front: Abbey Road 10, Back, Morphee 130)

Why select Anne Quinn as your Handstone dealer?  Our showroom features Handstone’s most popular lines such as the Contempo,  Algoma, Rafters and Phillipe.  We try to have a representation of all the Handstone collections at our showroom.  We work closely with Handstone and know their products well. If you’re looking for great Handstone furniture prices and expert advice make sure to visit one of the more experienced Handstone furniture dealers in Toronto.  When you shop at our showroom, you won’t get the typical shopping experience, you get one-on-one attention, and no high pressured sales.  When you visit, we’ll take our time figuring out your furniture needs in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.  We will work together to find the perfect pieces for the space you want to create.

Handstone makes custom-made Canadian solid wood furniture.  We are the only Handstone furniture dealers Toronto with over 500 five-star reviews.  We feature many Handstone pieces in our Markham showroom. We have been working as Handstone dealer for over 10 years now.

Handstone offers hand-select kiln-dried cherry, maple and red oak hardwoods. Handstone continually invests in modern manufacturing processes featuring the latest manufacturing equipment at their workshops and lean manufacturing methods. The amazing thing about Handstone is their attention to detail.  When you see the pieces in-person you’ll see the amazing quality that comes with combining modern manufacturing with old world craftsmanship. Each piece of Handstone furniture is built just for you.  In fact, you’ll see your name on it!

Handstone Furniture is different. It takes a little longer to build. You’ll wait a little longer to get it delivered. But we think you’ll agree…it’s lasting beauty is worth it.

Handstone Dining Room Furniture

Handstone dining tables feature pedestal dining tables. The benefit of the pedestal tables is that you can fit more chairs and how the chairs fit in with the corner legs getting in the way.  Some pedestals allow the chairs to fit in better than others.  With single pedestal tables you have to be aware that after a certain table size the table can get tippy. We have many pictures on the website of Handstone tables and the chairs, so you can see if you’re okay with how far in, or out, the chairs tuck in.  We also several of the tables and chairs at the showroom so you can see how the chairs work around the table.

Table shape

Although most of the Handstone tables are rectangular, we also sell many round tables and oval tables and even some square tables.  You can get counter height and bar height tables.  You can also customize things with your tables such a rounded edges if you are worried about kids bumping their heads on sharp edges.

Handstone Round Table – Wormy Maple, Heritage Finish, Nutmeg Stain – 48" + two 12" leaves - Georgetown Camel Back Chairs (Silky 91)

Handstone Round Table – Wormy Maple, Heritage Finish, Nutmeg Stain – 48″ + two 12″ leaves – Georgetown Camel Back Chairs (Silky 91)

Wood type

Handstone features maple (smooth and wormy), red oak and cherry. They are all good options, and it comes down to personal preference and understanding how the stain will look on the different wood types.   All three types of woods are hardwood and are durable.  Maple is a popular choice.  With your maple dining table you can decide between a wormy maple, or smooth maple.  The wormy maple is a less expensive option.  The wood has small worm holes in it.  It creates a more rustic look that some customers like but some do not.  With the cherry wood, there is often small holes as well (not as much as wormy maple), called pitting that you need to be aware of.  With the red oak, there can be a red undertone with certain planks of wood which especially come out if you pick a lighter stain.

Handstone Handstone Furniture Dealer Toronto Monticello Table – Monticello Top Profile - Wormy Maple, Brushwork Finish, Moonlight Stain – 42" x 66" with two 18" end leaves

Handstone Monticello Table – Monticello Top Profile – Wormy Maple, Brushwork Finish, Moonlight Stain – 42″ x 66″ with two 18″ end leaves

Table texture

With your Handstone table you can add a texture to the table.  You can pick a smooth finish, but many customers decide on a texture.   Some of the more popular textures is a brushed finish which looks exactly how it sounds.  This brushed texture looks modern but is also very practical being a durable user friendly surface. Another popular texture is Heritage maple which is a distinct plank look.  This is a more rustic look.  The ability to chose smooth, brushed or heritage finish, makes the table unique to you.  Often customers will take a modern base and mix it with a textured top.  We have many samples of the different finishes at the showroom, so you can see them in person.

Table size

The great thing with the Handstone furniture pieces is that you can customize the size, so you can fully utilize the space you have to work with.  Sometimes even a few inches difference can allow for you to fit chairs in better and make your guests feel very comfortable.  With really narrow tables we recommend a four-legged table.

Handstone Furniture Dealer Toronto Rafters table - Wormy Maple, Brushwork Finish, Oyster Stain - 42' x 72' with two 18' leaves - Cordova chair (Traffic 9003 Grey)

Handstone Rafters table – Wormy Maple, Brushwork Finish, Oyster Stain – 42′ x 72′ with two 18′ leaves – Cordova chair (Traffic 9003 Grey)

Extension options

Many of our Handstone furniture customers select tables with extensions.  The quality-built center extension system smoothly glides in and out.  With their clever system you’ll be able to store the leaves inside the table.  Their end leave system also works out well, and is simple to use. You just pull out the end caps and drop in the leaves.

Handstone Furniture Dealer Toronto Quality Extension Mechanism

Handstone Quality Extension Mechanism

Handstone Dining Chairs and Handstone benches

Handstone dining chairs are quality built and made in Canada.  The Handstone dining chairs can add up to be more than the table itself.  Although the alternative is buying chairs from Wayfair or winners, I can tell you these are quality built-in-Canada chairs, and you get what you pay for.   Chairs that are imported are often knock down chairs where the legs are bolted on, which tend to get wobbly after 3-5 years of use.  So in the long run, you are getting a much better chair that will last a lifetime.  We have many of the handstore dining chairs on display in our showroom, so you can try them out for style comfort and see the quality firsthand.  You also have the option of getting a bench.  Benches offer a lot of flexibility with seating and can create a great unique look, with a bench on one side and chairs on the other.

Handstone Tribeca Table – Tribeca Top Profile - Maple, Smooth Finish, Vintage Bronze Stain - 42"x72"+3-12" Center Leaves - Sonoma Back Side Chair (Victoria 01) - Tribeca 72" Bench with Wood Seat

Handsone Tribeca Table – Tribeca Top Profile – Maple, Smooth Finish, Vintage Bronze Stain – 42″x72″+3-12″ Center Leaves – Sonoma Back Side Chair (Victoria 01) – Tribeca 72″ Bench with Wood Seat


Handstone Sideboards and Buffets.

Handstone sideboards  not only look great, but are very practical for storing also your dining items.

Handstone Furniture Dealer Toronto Phillipe Sideboard – Cherry, Smooth Finish, Buxton Stain, Hardware K15CHA

Handstone Phillipe Sideboard – Cherry, Smooth Finish, Buxton Stain, Hardware K15CHA


Handstone Bedroom Furniture

Handstone builds solid wood bedroom furniture.  Over the years, we’ve had customers that bought veneer beds from the big box stores.  These beds look good when they first get them but even after the first year of wear they start chipping and showing the particle board underneath, so the looks go downhill quickly.

You can customize the height of the headboard if needed.  More likely is customizing the width of the dressers.

With the Handstone dressers, they come with nice deep drawers, and quality glide mechanisms.  We’ve had customers who ordered from other such as Wayfair, to be so disappointed as the pieces have issues shortly after they receive them.

Handstone Brookyln Dresser 8 drawer – Handstone – Oak, Smooth Finish, Serene Oak Stain

Handstone Brookyln Dresser 8 drawer – Handstone – Oak, Smooth Finish, Serene Oak Stain

With the nightstands, they can be customized to fit your space.  So, if the space is tight, you can make it narrower to fit perfectly.

Handstone nightstand

Handstone nightstand

If you are looking to furnish your home office, Handstone also sells beautiful desks and bookcases.


Why Anne Quinn as your Handstone Furniture Dealer?

Why Anne Quinn as your Handstone dealer?  We have a good representation of many of the Handstone product collections at our home showroom, and we have over 10 years of experience selling Handstone products.  Especially if you are looking to customize, we can show you all the options.  Also, our unique business model, allows us to give you the best pricing for Handstone products.  If you’re looking for a quality product at a fair price, make sure to visit our Anne Quinn furniture.

Anne Quinn Showroom

Anne Quinn Showroom featuring many Handstone Products



When choosing items for your home, it should always be pieces that will last your family and future generations. This applies especially when it comes to furniture. Your furniture of choice can make or break the aesthetic of any space – it can give your living room a homey space, or it can provide your loft with that industrial feel that you are aiming for.

There are many kinds of furniture out there in the market. But only a few stand out that give you the value for your investment. If you reside in Canada or are looking for quality Canadian-made furniture, Handstone might be a name you have already come across. 

What is Handstone?

Handstone Furniture started as a small family-owned woodworking shop in Canada in 1999. Over the years, it developed into a big manufacturing company known for its exceptional hand-crafted furniture pieces and has been sold exclusively across independent furniture stores in the country.

What makes Handstone furniture exceptional?

Made to Order Furniture

If you are an enthusiast for custom-made pieces, Handstone furniture is definitely for you. Most furniture stores display pre-made items that are uniform and standardized and cater to a broader market of customers who want ready-made furniture. Handstone explicitly manufactures the pieces that their clients handpicked – down from sketches of furnishings up to the size of the table itself.

Handstone has an array of design experts who can assist you in sketching your dream furniture and bring these works to life. The company gives clients the option to choose the material for hardwood, paint, or stain and upholstery that best fits their preference. You can choose from any of the best-quality hardwoods – dried cherry, red oak, and maple, among many others.

Best Warranty Offered in the Market

Handstone offers a 10-year limited warranty for its customers, which you might not even need, given the quality of the artisanship put into each customized piece sold. This warranty protects consumers from craft or manufacturing defects as you receive your furniture pieces. The company also offers an additional one-year warranty for all leather, fabric, and non-furniture-related concerns.

The company firmly goes by its slogan: “Our commitment is clear. HANDSTONE… Crafted for life.” Rest assured, your Handstone furniture will be a household item that can last to your future generations.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

Purchasing high-quality non-perishable goods such as furniture are not only cost-friendly but environment-saving as well. Handstone guarantees pieces that will last for a long time, hence minimizing the clogging of landfills by constantly throwing away household items not needed in homes. 

Even the manufacturing process ensures that no material is wasted as minimal scrap is used and any waste or excess is recycled – e.g., sawdust is reused as bedding for livestock raised within the company vicinities, and wood scraps are used as a source of heat for local homes.


Whatever design, material, or wood finish you desire for your dream furniture, Handstone got you covered. You can choose from over 140 fabric materials and 12 types of leather, and a wide selection of quality wood to make your furniture truly and personally all your own. Start now by browsing through their website to see their entire selection.

Anne Quinn is a handstone dealer with many samples on the floor and expert advice, make sure to visit Anne Quinn when shopping for Handstone products.




Handstone Furniture Dealers Markham & Toronto
Why Is Handstone Furniture So Good?