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Are you moving into a new home or looking to refurbish your space? If you are, you probably should anticipate a splurge or save dilemma, especially with the furniture. Transitions are ideally costly, and when you zero in on the transportation, deposit, and miscellaneous expenses, you’re looking at gag-worthy thousands of dollars before you can have your space feel homey. It’s all part of the process- investing in the textiles, décor, and furniture pieces for our homes so they reflect and speak to us. Naturally, most people have a budget drawn out for their purchases, however, when it comes down to it, purchasing everything brand new is never financially reasonable. So, when should one make a call to go new? Or rather which furniture pieces come with the flexibility to compromise and go second-hand? Dining tables.

New vs. used dining tables: five considerations you should make.

Although they may not seem as much to most people, dining tables are centerpieces, these additions are what’ll ultimately stand out in the room. The feel, projection, functionality, and aesthetic of your dining table are the focal point of the area typically determining selection. Fortunately for you though, the market is brimming with plenty of tables meeting this criterion. The real question is; should you go the pre-loved or brand-new route with your dining table hunt? We have all the answers summarized for you below.


The prices tip the scales for new dining tables. You’ll find used tables relatively affordable compared to new ones, not because they’re of compromised quality but because their previous owner is looking to dispose of them. Usually, when people put second-hand dining tables up for sale, they’ve outgrown them or are looking to move on to something different, and since the table has some years on it, it’s bound to cost less than its original price. If you’re looking to save some bucks cash with your purchase, pre-used is no doubt the best way to go; however, if money isn’t a factor, we suggest getting a new table as they’re less likely to come flawed.

Note: Be sure to check for dents and scratches when paying for a second-hand table.


In terms of lifespan, new dining tables are built to last longer as they often come in perfectly good shape with zero tears and wear. There’s no denying that their high quality places them at an advantage to withstand traffic better than pre-loved tables would, guaranteeing you years of unwavering elegance and use. Dulling in comparison are second-hand tables that have seen the best of their years and endured a battering, you shouldn’t expect these pieces to weather high traffic gracefully. They’ll probably offer you nothing short of a couple of years of service. Durability should however not be a deal-breaker with used dining tables if you’re only out for something short-term and an organically vintage touch. 


Charming as they may be, pre-owned tables fall short in the variety department. Unlike brand new pieces, used dining tables don’t have a range of manufactured options to choose from, so, what you’ll see before your eyes is all you get. Of course, there’s always the option to shop around for different designs, but the fact remains that you wouldn’t enjoy the versatility and diversity available with store dining tables. Alternatively, trendy dining tables come in various styles, sizes, materials, and designs warranted to meet any taste and preference.


Are you looking to make an eco-conscious decision with your furniture? Second-hand furniture is the answer. Step off the consumer treadmill with a pre-owned dining table to significantly cut back on the carbon footprint synonymous with the furniture-making industry. By choosing to used over new dining tables, you’re directly minimizing the harvest of timber, the creation of plastic, and fossil fuel pollution. Pre-owned dining tables are also a notable contribution to the local economy, so by locally buying your table from your area, you’re directly chipping into the neighborhood financial system which is a plus.


One thing that stands out with brand new dining tables (particularly tailor-made ones), is their room for customization. Having your dining table carved from scratch means you’ll get to incorporate every detail to your liking, from the seating capacity to the material used and the size, a feature you’ll never find in pre-owned tables. The latter plays within the market-available options, and though sometimes you can switch things up a little bit with an old table, it will always be quite limited.

Bottom line

Whether or not to get a new dining table is a question with no definite answer; both ends of the spectrum sport undeniable pros as they do cons; ultimately, it all comes down to your needs and wants. Homeowners looking for purely vintage aesthetics, eco-conscious, and affordable home pieces that would serve them a short while would make do with a second-hand dining table. Comparatively, buyers looking to spend a buck on a long-term custom investment with variety and impeccable quality are better off choosing a brand new table. The call is, therefore, yours to make- analyze your budget, home’s needs, and style to find your perfect dining table.

If you’re moving to a new house and planning to buy new furniture, the dining table is one of the most important pieces you should prioritize. But what type of table is perfect for your home? A pedestal dining table, or a four-legged one? Read on to know the answer.

Pros of Pedestal Dining Tables 

Pedestal dining tables are great if you want more seating space. Since there are no legs on the corners, you can get more chairs and people on the table. If you frequently host lunches or dinners at home, this is a huge advantage. 

Apart from that, pedestal dining tables have more luxurious bases. If you want to use your dining table as a statement piece, then a pedestal dining table is better than a four-legged one. They can come in different styles and designs that can fit various interior design themes and decor style. 

That brings us to another benefit of pedestal dining tables: you can choose from a wide variety of solid wood bases. You can pick out the type of wood you want and create the design and look you want — whether it’s contemporary, industrial, rustic, or others.

Cons of Pedestal Dining Tables 

Pedestal dining tables also have significant disadvantages. For one, they’re more expensive than four-legged tables. They’re bigger and require more time and effort to build, and that translates to extra costs for the manufacturer. 

On average, pedestal dining tables cost $600 more than the same-sized four-legged table. The price difference could be greater depending on the wood material and type of pedestal you want. 

Then, there’s the issue of stability. The pedestal table’s support is at the center instead of at the corners. So, if you push down the end of a pedestal dining table, it might tumble — it’s less stable than a four-legged dining table. 

Finally, there’s the issue of leg space. Pedestals can get in the way of feet and chairs. If you don’t consider the shape of the pedestal upon purchase, you might end up with one that doesn’t let you tuck chairs all the way in. guests may bump their knees or feel uncomfortable with their feet when they sit around the table. 

Pros of Four-Legged Tables 

Four-legged tables are significantly more common than pedestal dining tables. Because of that, they’re available in more stores, sizes, and designs. Everyone also commonly thinks of four-legged tables whenever anyone mentions a dining table. Overall, they’re more versatile and easily accessible than pedestal dining tables. 

Moreover, leg tables are easier to build. They weigh lighter than pedestal tables, too, so you can relocate them around the house or to other places whenever you see fit. You can even build or repair them yourself if you have a working knowledge of woodwork.

And since they’re easier to build than pedestal tables, they cost cheaper. If you want to buy something that can last a long time without breaking the bank, then four-legged dining tables are your best bet. 

Further, these tables are more stable than pedestal tables — the four legs supporting the corners of the table ensure that it can stand upright even when pressure is applied in one corner. 

Cons of Four-Legged Tables  

If pedestal tables are more practical when you want to seat more people at one table, then four-legged tables are the exact opposite. They’re more precise when it comes to the number of people who can use them at once. The legs get in the way of utilizing the space. 

Moreover, they don’t look as elegant or stylish as pedestal tables. They’re better for day-to-day use and don’t serve as statement pieces unless they’re designed using the most expensive and flashy materials. 

Do you need to buy a new dining table for your home but don’t know where to start? With all the options out there in the market, depending on different factors such as your dining room size, the number of people you live with, or your designated budget, dining table shopping might become overwhelming for you. 

Here is an essential guide for you that breaks down the things you need to note before buying a new dining table:


Deciding which table to buy based on its material may seem daunting, especially when you have to consider its price, comfort, and style. If you are thinking of what material should be best when shopping for a new dining table, you might as well look at these options:

  • Wood – If you are looking for a sturdy table that will last for a long time, wooden dining tables would be considered the best option. The best types of wood are teak, rosewood, pine, satinwood, or any other indigenous or imported timber. 
  • Glass – If you want a more classy and minimalist option, glass tables are lovely for your dining furniture set. For dimly-lit rooms, glass is a great choice to expand light across your given space. Glass is often a go-to material for tabletops and may last for a long time with proper care and maintenance.
  • Stone-Stone tabletops are go-to pieces that add a touch of luxury and elegance to your dining space. Types of stone materials are often chosen from composite, marble, quartz, and cement. However, one caveat for this kind of material for a tabletop is that it requires frequent resealing and cleaning. 
  • Metal – When used as a tabletop, metal dining tables match dining areas that reflect an industrial and rustic vibe. Although it is cheaper than the other types of table material, it is still sturdy and durable and may stand the test of time.

Size of Your Dining Area

It is also essential to consider the size of your room whenever you are buying new furniture, especially when it comes to dining tables. The rule of thumb is that your dining table must fit your dining area. Considering an object’s visual weight once it is placed in your designated space is also an essential element in choosing your dining table. 

Aside from the room’s size, it would help if you also took note of your family size. If you have a reasonably large household or love to invite guests over to dine, you may need a large dining table to accommodate all these people. Comfortability and the space required on the table surface itself to lay down the dishes and the dining utensils are relevant factors that also need to be considered.


Dining tables typically come in round, rectangular, or square shapes. To determine which form would fit well for your room, you need to consider how well your preferred table of choice would fit nicely into your dining area. Round tables are great for small dining spaces, while a square table can work well for a tiny family of four. Rectangular tables can seat more people and provide a classic, elegant feel to your dining area.

Matching Chairs

If you already have dining chairs available, it would be practical to choose a dining table to match these chairs and complete the set. A cohesive look would always look great, no matter what occasion there is that will be celebrated in your dining area. 

However, do not also be afraid to mix things up a bit and put a little contrast to your dining set. An example is having chairs in neutral tones and matching this with a table that has a bolder color. 


Durability and stability of a dining table are always primordial factors in making sure it is worth the money spent for such a piece of furniture. If you are on a tight budget, you may divide your preferences into must-haves and nice-to-haves, and from there, you can distinguish what would be your priority when choosing the right dining table for your home.


The best memories are often experienced in the space where your family gathers the most, and this will be your dining area. Having a dining table that checks all the boxes is a worthy investment but may also be an heirloom that preserves all your fond memories and that which you can pass on to your future generations.

From the Greek Trojan Horse to our very own everyday furniture, wood has proven time and time again to be the go-to material for all types of crafting. Decades later, we’re still obsessed with wood’s prominence and timelessness. Despite the years of advancements and innovations in the furniture-making industry, most homeowners still find themselves leaning towards the traditional approach of timber working for their household furniture staples. Today, it is nearly impossible to spot a home anywhere across the globe without a touch of wooden furniture. Whether it’s a coffee table, a bar stool, a sofa set, or a dining table, wood will somehow always find its way back into our homes and hearts- this brings the question- what does wood bring to the table? (literally, of course).

Going solid wood for dining tables

From accent pieces to show-stopping centerpieces, wood plays a versatile role in household furniture. Our personal favorite is the dining table; for most people, this is the main attraction of their dining area. Dining tables are typically the core of every dining space; the significant room they take up and their central placement tell it all. While we could always weigh in an option or two against solid wood dining tables, the odds will always be in the wood’s favor, and we’re about to tell you why.


For most homeowners, buying a piece of furniture is usually a long-term investment. Correspondingly, when you spend a chunk on your dining table, you’re instinctively inclined to want years of service from it. Wood is a naturally sturdy material, unlike the significant portion of modern-day dining table options like glass or plastic. Hardwood is mainly characterized by strength and quality, making it one of the most durable materials available in the market today. When you opt to get a wooden dining table, you’re signing up for a long-lasting furniture addition that will serve you for generations to come. Cancel out the shatter risk that comes with glass dining tables or the rust risk you’re exposed to with an industrial metallic dining table by going wooden.


Gorgeous effortlessness is the bundle deal you get with wooden dining tables. You’d think that from its durability trait, your wooden dining table would require you to go the extra mile to keep it in tip-top shape. However, it doesn’t take much to maintain your wooden dining table’s beauty. A regular dust off and spill wipe down with an occasional wood treatment should go a long way in keeping your table spotless and tremendously extending its lifespan. Who said beauty has to go with pain? Invest in a wood cleaning agent, microfiber cloth, and wax, and you’re good to go!


Factory manufactured tables come with one significant downside-rigidity. Most contemporary tables are mass-produced, which means they will be designed to fit and cater to the considerable public’s needs and tastes. On the other hand, solid wood dining tables are unique as they can be tailored to suit personal style and preferences. Similarly, if the natural color of the wood is not appealing to you, there’s always an option to stain that cherry oak table, so it matches the allure of teak or walnut. Another advantage of solid wood tables is the open liberty to tailor them to your preferred size and seat occupation. You’re looking at endless possibilities.


As unique as they come, wooden dining tables remain highly amendable. What does this mean? There is always room to switch up and spruce up your dining table without gag-worthy spending. Rather than replace your dining table every time you decorate, solid wood dining tables allow you to repaint or stain them. You can also sand down your table to get rid of any scratches or achieve a lighter-toned table aesthetic. Wooden tables are as malleable as you can go with your dining room statement pieces.

Wrapping up

No doubt, wood touts a wide range of advantages to consider when shopping for dining tables. While they may be considerably costly upfront, wooden tables will always give you value for your money. The warm beauty and durability of solid wood brought into your dining area are enough to make up for the financial pinch. Admittedly, going wood with your dining room centerpiece is disadvantageous in a couple of ways; however, the cons significantly outweigh the pros. So, if a long-lasting undemanding, and unique dining table that could turn into an heirloom is a gamble you’re willing to take, solid wood dining tables are the way to go!

A dining room is one of the essential parts of a home. It’s a place where you could freely enjoy a home-cooked meal, and it’s a place where most people gather to talk about almost anything. It somehow brings families closer through sharing good foods and talking. 

Additionally, the dining room is typically one of the fanciest parts of a home during events. One of the best ways of entertaining guests that come over to your home, especially during various celebrations, is to ensure that the eating place is also welcoming. For your guide, here are some easy ways to create your dining room more inviting for your guests. 

Get the Proper Dining Table Shape 

Dining tables are made of various shapes and sizes so that you could also have a lot of variations to choose from. You can incorporate your style by selecting the most suitable table size. With this, you have to identify and assess your dining space first before deciding on the proper table for you.

Always remember that it does not mean that if you could find a big table that could fit your room, it’s already the best one. You have to consider the shape and the area appropriately to ensure that your table does not overpower everything inside your dining area.  

Dining tables are essential and should be chosen carefully. If you have a lot of guests coming over to share a meal with, you would need to have a table that could fit a lot of seats, and the shape of the dining table affects the capacity of seats there could be. Also, making sure that the table is made of durable materials could help guarantee you that you can use your table for the long term. 

Install Proper Lighting 

If you want guests to feel more welcomed in your dining area, make sure that they can properly see what you serve them. Serving great-tasting food is one of the best ways to welcome your guests, but if your guests cannot even see what’s presented for them on the table, they might not have a good time. 

Proper lighting in an area where people usually eat is vital because it helps them see what they are eating and appreciate them better. Having a bright atmosphere in a dining room creates a feeling of liveliness and happiness among people. In any case, proper lighting is truly essential, especially in an area where people are gathered to dine and eat. 

Choose the Right Curtains 

If you have windows in your dining area, make sure you have suitable curtains to match your theme. A great curtain can accent your dining space, making your guests feel relaxed, cozier, and happier. If you have lighting set-ups that you want to control, curtains could help adjust your dining area’s ambiance with little effort. 

Decide on the Color Combinations 

If you need to match your dining area’s interior design with a specific celebration, you have to ensure that the color scheme you follow is consistent, appropriate, and welcoming. Keep in mind to prevent mixing warm and cool colors

Instead, if you want your dining area to feel cooler, colors like grey, light blue, and white could help make your dining area look larger. But if you would like to incorporate more art as a decorative material, a neutral color scheme would be best for both your walls and flooring. On the contrary, colors on warmer tones are great if your area is large to make the spaces feel more intimate. 

Incorporate Cozy Rugs 

Rugs are incredible for bringing a warm feel to a dining room, and it adds a great texture too! Not to mention, if your flooring is made out of hardwood, cozy rugs could help in protecting it from scratches and other kinds of damages. Nowadays, there are a lot of modern, sleek, and stylish rugs you could choose from that could satisfy your needs, especially the non-slip ones that are great to be used even if there is a lot of traffic in your dining area. 


Being creative in your dining area is a great way to unleash your personality and welcome people the best way that you can. So, do not be afraid to make changes in your dining room if you think it needs to be improved. Refer to the guide above if you want your guests to feel more welcomed in your dining room.  

Dining tables are an essential piece of furniture at home. It’s a place to eat while talking to your loved ones while enjoying foods served in front of you. Also, if you’re eating at a dining table, there is a higher likelihood that you’d get to pay more attention to the food you’re eating and savor the flavors better! 

Choosing the right dining table for your home is vital because of its benefits, and it enhances the appearance of your dining area. If you occasionally have guests over your home, having a dining table is a great way to make them feel welcomed and present food in a better way. But, what type of dining table would be perfect for various homes? If you’re curious to know about this, read down below. 

Pedestal Table 

Typically, a pedestal table consists of a broad top table standing on a solid single leg situated in the center of the table, and they provide a lot of perks! Some of these give an abundant surface space for eaters to move around and allow more room to squeeze in some more people in your table area. 

Since no other legs are present on each corner of the table, like in rectangular-shaped ones, they are great for small dining spaces because it allows a person to get up and sit down again with better space and clearance. With this, pedestal tables are stylish, simple, and easy to design, making them easy to complement the design of your home. 

Round Dining Table 

If you think you don’t have much space in your dining area, consider getting a round-shaped one. Round-shaped dining tables allow people to have more space and walk around better to their designated seats. In this sense, you could say goodbye to bumping into one another or overcrowding when you’re heading to your seat. 

If you have pets at home, consider getting a round table that comes in a pedestal base. The base is made out of metal to prevent your little fur ones from chewing or scratching on it. Consider training your pets to prevent them from doing that to your furniture. 

Glass Table 

One thing’s still sure; glass tables will never go out of style! Glass tables are famous for providing a sleek and elegant appearance in a room. It also allows a great distribution of light in your dining room to help brighten up your space. 

Although it’s fragile, they still look best and are usually on a pedestal made out of various materials like marble, metal, and more, making them attractive to be an item of the house furniture. So, if you do not have an ample dining space and do not have great access to natural light, this table could enhance your dining area and make it look bigger. 

Rectangular Table

For larger dining areas, it’s recommended to have a rectangular-shaped dining table to fill the void inside the room. Compared to other tables you may find in the market, this type helps bring out the homey feeling and provides ample space for more seats you could dine with. 

Pedestal Drop Leaf Table

Pedestal drop leaf tables are best for people whose primary need in their table could help save space when the table is not being used. The tabletop of a drop-leaf table is typically round or oval-shaped and is mounted on a single pedestal, making them still look beautiful. 

The dominating feature of this kind of table is their hinged leaves on either side. Owners could secure and put up the leaves when they needed a larger table and put them down if they wished to have a smaller version of the table or move them to the side of the room. It’s a great table that combines convenience and beauty. 


No matter what reason you may have for intending to buy a dining table, always make sure that it would complement your home’s theme and will match your designated place. Dining tables are an excellent investment for food fanatics and chef wannabes there, so there’s no worry of getting your money wasted because good food needs some good table presentation!

Handstone tables top profiles and bases: With tables from Handstone you can mix a different top profile with different bases.

Anne Quinn is a premiere Handstone furniture dealer.   Instead of carrying many different suppliers, we focus on just a few of the very best.  Handstone being one of them.

Below are the more popular top profiles and bases and how they are unique.

Handstone dining tables Contempo:  The Handstone Contempo (aka Union) is one our bestselling Handstone tables.  The base is a modern and striking U shape base pattern.  The top profile features clean geometric styling with crisp straight lines

Handstone Contempo Table


Handstone Verona: The base features signature curves in an elegant V pattern making a bold statement. It’s a blend of modern design and the wonder and beauty of real wood. A visual work of art. The Verona collection from Handstone inspires a sense of excitement.

Handstone Verona Table


Handstone Phillipe: This pedestal table inspires with its French furniture design of the mid-1800s.  The base not only looks good but is very functional as chair legs can easily straddle the base.  The Phillipe top profile features a clean modern look with some elegant curves adding tradition and a touch of history to your space.

Handstone Phillipe Table – Phillipe Top Profile – Maple, Smooth Finish, Country Walnut Stain – 42" x 60" with two 18" end extensions


Handstone Rafters: The Rafter’s collection is more rustic.  Rafters is inspired by old barn timbers and doors.  The base is formed with a unique X pattern and a large bolt running down the middle.  The top profile is clean with a distinct bolt in the corners.  The Rafters is a unique blend of modern and retro.

Rafters table - Wormy Maple, Brushwork Finish, Peppercorn Stain – 42" x 84" " with two 18" end leaves - Hampton chair (Exuberance 6003)


Handstone Algoma:  The angular design of the base makes it a visual work of art with a blend of wood and custom metal hardware.  The top profile continues on that profile with its sloped elegant design and mixture of metal bolts and wood.

Handstone Algoma Table – Algoma Top Profile -Wormy Maple, Brushwork Finish, Peppercorn Stain – 42” x 92”


Handstone tables Cordova : The Cordova base with its crisp clean lines, combines simplicity with fine details making it a stand-out piece.  It creatively blends straight lines with finer details the end result is simply stunning.  The top profile mirrors the base with its straight lines and simple but modern look.

Handstone Cordova Table – Cordova Top Profile - Oak, Smooth Finish, Parchment Stain – 42" x 108"


With the Handstone tables you and mix bases with top profiles.  Combining them makes a unique piece designed just for you.


A dining table provides a suitable space to eat and enjoy your meals inside your dining room. Aside from that essential purpose, your dining table can often be seen as a centerpiece in your house. Many families even consider elegant dining tables as perfect heirlooms to pass down

With that said, dining tables are usually made up of wood, metal, and stone. Some tables are also built using glass. Whatever material your dining table is made up of, it’s important that you keep it clean. Keeping your dining table clean makes it last longer. In this article, we’ll list down some tips on how to maintain your dining table.

Regular Cleaning

Good old-fashioned elbow grease, a bucket of warm water, a mild dish detergent, and a damp cloth is all you need to clean your dining table. Since the dining table is where you’ll eat your meals, it can get very dirty afterward. The dining room and kitchen are often one in some homes or places, which means food preparation is also done on the dining table. 

If you don’t clean your dining table, liquid can seep in, especially on wooden tables. Even though wooden tables are treated to withstand a bit of water, the treatment doesn’t last forever. Sometimes, even the acidity and other chemicals from the food we eat can accelerate the degradation of your dining table. Just by wiping away liquid and grime on your table, you’re making it last longer.


Aside from cleaning, dusting wooden dining tables is also a good way of maintaining them. On wooden surfaces, dust buildup can cause scratches, making glossy finishes on wooden tables look dull. Even if you don’t have a wooden table, it’s still best to wipe away the dust that gets on your table. No one would want to stay, let alone eat on a dirty surface.

Placemats and Coasters

If you think placemats and coasters are just for looking fancy, think again. These items help protect your table from heat, stains, and those annoying condensation marks or water stains. 

Vinegar and Olive Oil

Speaking of water stains, a lot of us have been wondering how to remove them from our tables. Look no further as vinegar and oil can help you remove these stains. In a container, mix equal parts of vinegar and olive oil. Apply the mixture on a soft cloth and wipe it on the stain. After wiping away the stain, use a dry, clean cloth to wipe away any excess liquid on your table.

Applying Conditioners and Polish

There’s actually a good way to make your table look good. Try applying liquid beeswax to help seal the moisture inside the wood. Don’t worry about a bit of moisture from the beeswax. This moisture prevents the wood from drying up. It also makes the exterior of the table look shiny and glossy. Ideally, it’s best to use beeswax and other natural conditioners on your tables once a month.

Monitor Humidity

It’s best to keep the humidity inside your homes close to or anywhere between 40 to 45%. Low humidity levels can cause the wood to crack. A higher level, on the other hand, can cause swelling. Swelling is when certain parts of the wood or the paint on it bulges a bit. 

You can prevent cracking or swelling in the winter by having a humidifier. In the summer, an air-conditioning unit or dehumidifier helps as well. Avoid placing a wooden dining table near a radiator. The constant heat from the radiator can also cause warping or splitting. 


If taken care of, dining tables can become the perfect addition to your homes. A dining table that’s well maintained can stand the test of time. Designer tables can become great heirlooms to pass down to your family. The value on some of these tables can get higher as time passes by. With the tips mentioned above, you’re well on your way to making your dining table last longer.

Be it a high-class dinner or a themed birthday party; we are always down for some fun. While the menu and music are the textbook ways to impress your guest, there’s always that fraction drawn to the décor, and all the juicy creative details behind the party set up. Assuredly, one has to appreciate all the work and passion that goes into putting a party together because it’s a lot! Between the planning chaos, budgeting, and hunting down vendors for the party, the host’s plate is bound to stay full for a while. Since hiring an event planner to take on that extra load off your plate isn’t for everyone, we explore six sophisticated party ideas that you can easily pull off.

Pick a theme

The party theme is your framework, the ultimate motif coordinating your decor and menu into one consistent blend. Party themes are built on inspirations that resonate with the host and guests. Your party theme should speak volumes; it literally dictates the feel of the party. Think outside the box and weave your way through Coastal, Mexican or Bohemian themes- the list is endless!

Color palettes

Is it a summer or autumn party? Is it set indoors or outdoors? These are some of the thoughts that should catapult through your mind when staring at that color palette. If you’re not feeling bold, you can play it safe with neutral hues and colors. However, try out some pastels, greens, and fuchsia if you’re looking to live on the edge a little. Get the best of both worlds with cream dining table clothes with a rich green runner. Play around with colors and layer them for the perfect combo.

Mix n’ Match textures

Gold, wood, brass, acrylic, you name it- the décor world has unleashed a diverse range of textures for you to choose from. If you love a little bit of chaos, you’re in for a treat. Play around with textures, patterns and colors to get that seamless blend. Don’t limit yourself; go for that wild zebra print settee you’ve been eyeing and match it with yellow gold silk pillows for that wow factor.

Unique centerpieces

The centerpiece is a focal point of your table set up; these ornate items are an elegant way to balance out your dinner table. However, you don’t even have to fuss over the centerpiece- you could opt for something as simple as a vintage piece or a gorgeous sparkly candle holder, and either would still stand out. While there isn’t a specific recommended centerpiece, you can always gravitate back to the theme for inspiration.

Simple DIYs

Get your creative mojo on and save an extra buck with easy do-it-yourself projects. Attempt to print out place cards or customize your napkin rings. DIY pieces add a little pizzazz to your birthday party décor. For instance, you could hand paint some old glasses to create candle jars. Alternatively, give your guests souvenirs by carving out wooden name tags that they can later use as key holders.

Last word

One doesn’t necessarily have to splurge a chunk of money to create impressive party set-ups. So, maybe it’s time to give the cuisines a rest and step up your party hosting game with these easy décor tips. On a broader scope, party planning skills aren’t mastered overnight; it takes a lot of determination and discipline. A vision board might be the perfect start for you- get insightful cut-outs and start actualizing your dream party down to the very last details. Happy planning!

So, you’ve found the perfect table for your dining room, but it doesn’t come paired with chairs to match. Should you let up? Not quite yet! Going on the hunt for chairs sounds like a plan, or even better, let’s settle for a less obvious solution- a dining bench. Dining room setups are such a statement, especially if you’re trying to impress your guests. Because let’s be honest, who isn’t? And while diving right onto Pinterest for a browse sounds like an okay strategy, here’s something better- four recommendations for picking out the right dining seats for your table.

Style element

Personal taste and style take a front-row seat when it comes to choosing the right dining seats. You would want your chairs to effortlessly match your home’s theme and blend seamlessly with your décor. Whether you have the feels for a luxe coastal dining vibe or a French farmhouse set up, drawing inspiration from the rest of your home is a hack. Don’t think of your dining table seats as a separate element- add a little bit of your touch to your seats. Besides, incorporating your style into the checklist helps navigate your dining chairs choice by refining your search to a few suited models.

Measure up

Now that you have a visual sketch of the concepts you’re going for, it’s time to get down to the critical part- the measurements.  Whether you choose to lean into the traditional dining chairs or opt for a more contemporary vibe like a bench, comfort should be a priority. You don’t want your guests hanging off the edge of the long seat or squeezing to fit into the legroom. For a two-seater bench, anything engaging from 42-52 inches is ideal. On the other hand, dining chairs do well, with an 8-14 inch difference from the seat to the tabletop. Remember, you always have the option to test out the seats at the store before buying them.

Sitting plan

What does a typical dinner look like with the family and guests? Factors like sitting capacity come into play when choosing seats for your dining table. If you host several dinner parties or have a lot of friends and family over, you’d want to get enough chairs to fit everyone. A long bench running down the length of your dining table would be the best fit for many guests; you might also want to consider investing in a bench with a back, so your guests don’t slouch throughout the meal. However, backless benches will work perfectly for a corner table. Alternatively, when getting chairs for your dining room, steering away from cushioned pieces with armrests will help you fit in more seats, whereas a smaller household would get a cozy, close-knit feel with plush chairs.


Decisions, decisions. Chairs are just chairs; why not just nip it in the bud and get anything, right? Wrong! The prime materials used to construct your dining chairs determine durability. Additionally, materials vary in functionality depending on your lifestyle demands. For instance, classic maple wood chairs wouldn’t be compatible if you want an industrial touch in your dining area. On that same note, if the end goal is to have a bench that serves you for years to come, then you might want to hold off on that rattan bench you love so much. While a velvet dining bench is a definite eye-catcher, it’s not worth cleaning toddler food spills every other day. Or worse, having your pet use it as a scratch pole. Conversely, polyester upholstered chairs and wooden benches have low maintenance demands.

Final Thoughts

Dining spaces are more than just a sophistication; they hold holiday memories, meals, and conversations shared with our loved ones. You don’t want to settle for just anything but what feels right, and while that’s a tough pick, it is so worth it. Striking a balance between your style expectations with your household needs is a great start. Keep your options open and shy away from experimenting- conformity is tasteless! Besides, it is your space, and it does not have to make sense to anyone else. Happy shopping! 

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