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Hosting a dinner party requires thoroughly planning to be successful, fun, and memorable. You have to consider many things and factors to ensure that your guests will be entertained and relaxed while under your roof. As a host, it is your duty or responsibility to do the planning. So, as a guide, you may follow these tips to help you plan an enjoyable dinner party:

Create A Guest List

A dinner party would not be fun and memorable if you don’t have your friends and family as guests. So, before throwing a dinner party, you must create a guest list first. If you want your party to be intimate and solemn, choose those people closest to your heart–those with whom you want to spend your time the most.

Send Out An Invitation

After settling your guest list, proceed to invite each of them. Make sure that they receive the invitation, and don’t forget to ask an RSVP to know who among them can make it and attend the dinner party. Of course, there might be restrictions due to the pandemic. Do follow local regulations in your area about social gatherings to avoid any complications with law enforcement.

Choose A Theme

Choosing a theme for a dinner party is unnecessary, but it can add a lot of fun to the event. When you have a theme or motif, it would be more manageable for you to plan the decorations and the menu to serve at your dinner party. The theme of your party should depend on the occasion or the reason you are throwing the party. 

Plan The Menu

It is not a dinner party if there is no food. Thus, you have to be strategic and selective when planning the list of recipes to prepare for the party. It would be best to select a recipe you can easily make to avoid being stressed, but hiring a cook or a chef is recommended if you want to be a little extra. Your menu should include appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and beverages. 

Declutter And Clean Your House

A clean house is a happy house. The moment your guests step in your home, you’d want them to feel happy and welcome. You don’t want your house to appear messy and cluttered to your guests. So, before throwing a dinner party, it is recommended that you declutter and clean your home first. Organize all your belongings and arrange your furniture. Sanitize the place and make sure that it is dust-free. 

Cook Smart

You have a list of recipes to prepare for the party, and the only way to successfully have them all on your table is to be strategic when cooking. After buying all the ingredients you will need, you have to plan which recipes you should prepare first.

Make A Playlist

Lighten up the mood of the party by preparing a playlist ahead of time. Be selective when choosing the songs you include in the playlist. If you plan to throw an intimate party, avoid loud songs and go for classics or instrumental. These types of music have calming and relaxing effects, making your dinner atmosphere at ease.

Set The Mood

Besides music, lighting and decors can set the mood of your dinner party. You may opt to light some candles, put up flowers, and offer a glass of wine at the beginning of the dinner to make the ambiance more relaxing. As the dinner proceeds, be a host and accommodate your guests by asking them their needs and wants. 

Set The Table

The dinner table full of food is the heart of the party. It is where your guests enjoy the food you prepare. Thus, you must ensure that it is all set before you start the party. Prepare all the utensils and plates and arrange them correctly on the table. For a formal dinner party, you must prepare the placemat, the napkins, and other condiments on the table.

Prepare Yourself

As the host, you must be the life of the party. Besides preparing the food, the mood, and the table, you should also prepare yourself. No matter how stressful the dinner preparation is, face and greet your guests gracefully as they come. So, allot some time for yourself to pamper up before you come down and see your guests. 


Throwing a dinner party may seem stressful with all the preparation and the after-party clean-up. But it is manageable when you know how to do it. To make the dinner party preparation less stressful, consider those tips mentioned above. They are all doable and practical. 

Investing in great pieces of home furniture is one way to beautify your home. Usually, when people move into their new homes, they have to get the necessary home furniture they would need- a mattress, a few curtains, and most especially a good dining table. 

Just like mattresses, a dining table is an essential household material. Although they are costly, they would still be a great investment, especially if you tend to have many guests at home. Dining tables help in creating a more beautiful dining setup, and without them, you would not complete the whole look. 

No matter the size of your area, surely there are dining tables suitable for your needs and preferences. So, whenever you decide to make any big purchases like getting a dining table, you have to make sure you get home with a wise purchase. If you’re searching for a great dining table for your house but still have some doubts, listed here are five reasons why dining tables are a must-have! 

It Promotes Togetherness

Whether you eat with your family or eat your meals with your friends, you can’t deny that eating together strengthens your relationships. Spending time with your loved ones at a good dining table could help you get to know more about the people you eat with and strengthen your communication as a whole while you all eat the meals served at your table. 

A Potential Heirloom

Aside from jewelry and other expensive items, a dining table can be a good thing to pass down to your children. A good dining table can certainly stand the test of time, making them perfect for your family members to inherit. Aside from durability, certain dining tables are hand-crafted and have that special quality with them.

Another reason why a dining table can be a good family heirloom is because of sentimental value. Think of the memories you’ve shared with your family as you dined together on that table. When it comes to heirlooms, you’ll never go wrong with a good dining table.

It’s Great for Celebration Set-Ups

Food will always be present in any celebration, whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more! As mentioned above, having a great dining table could bring the family together and closer. 

So, during these kinds of celebrations, it’s the time where usually mothers would have an elegant and modern looking dining set up to match with the celebration’s theme. If you want to pull off an elegant and classic dining setup, getting a glass dining table may be for you. 

It Helps You Make Better and Healthier Food Choices 

Are you aware that you can probably make better and healthier food choices if you eat at your dining table? Usually, when you’re an on the go and busy person, you grab anything to fill your appetite with food without thinking whether they’re healthy for your body. But, people who eat at a dining table are most likely to be mindful of what they consume and eat more nutritious, healthy meals since they can pay attention to what they are eating.

It Gives You a Timeout From All the Screens

Most people could not deny that most of their time at home is consumed by using technologies and even take the time they need to eat. Being glued to their screens is not good for people, especially for their brain health.

Thus, having a dining table can help you have digital-free time and enjoy your meals. Not to mention, it’s best if you want to eat fast because people who tend to have smartphones or TVs turned on during mealtime eat slower and could not digest their food very well. 


Having a good dining table could complete the whole look of your home. You can easily gather people around and invite friends over if you have a great dedicated place where you could all have fun and share delicious meals. So, if you want to beautify, eat healthier and increase your home’s value, you can never go wrong with getting a good dining table. 

Here at Anne Quinn Furniture we have plenty of different dining tables for you to choose from. You can view them here

A dining table can be one of the largest pieces of furniture you can have in your home. This is especially true if you have a family. But, aside from the size, people often go for those with the best designs, which can be expensive.

With all of that said, wouldn’t it be best if you can find other uses for your dining table other than just for eating? Well, you’re in luck because you will learn five more ways to use your dining table in this article.

A play table for kids

Having a child can be a handful, so you want a place for them to play to their heart’s content. But not everyone has the luxury of making a kid’s playroom, so most people will have to improvise a place for their kids to play.

If you have trouble finding one in your house, why not make your dining table a play table for your kids. It’s perfect for drawing, painting, reading, games or interesting craft activities because of its large surface area. Just be sure to put a cover over it so it will not get dirty. 

A game table for friends and guests

Imagine inviting your friends for a small occasion or party. Your dining table will be one of the busiest pieces of furniture since it is what you will use to put all your food. But what do you do after everyone is done eating and getting a little bored? Well, why not clear the dining table and bring out some cards or a board game that everyone can join in.

Your kids are not the only ones who can use the dining table for fun.

A workstation in your home

Because of the pandemic, many people were forced by their companies or bosses to work from home. That may sound wonderful for some, but not everyone has a dedicated space in their home to use exclusively for work. Plus you are going to need proper furniture too to work comfortably. So if you do not have such things, then the best alternative is your dining table.

After everyone is done eating, simply clean things up and put your laptop, pens, and your favourite cup of coffee beside you, and you are ready to start your day. Since you already have a perfectly fitted chair for your table, you will no longer have to worry about finding the perfect table and chair in the market.

A reading table for learning.

 Your dining room can be noisy when everyone is eating, but if it is in a separate room, you can add bookshelves beside the walls and fill them with books. So when everyone is done eating and is going about their day, you can pick up a book and sit comfortably with a cup of coffee or tea on your dining table.

A table for family meetings

You already eat together at your dining table, so why not use it for your family meetings too. Since you choose your dining table to specifically accommodate everyone in your family, everyone will be able to have a seat and discuss important matters. Then, of course, you can use it for family hangouts, too, where you can play together without getting distracted by the TV.


Dining tables can be large, so it would be best to find other uses for them so you can make the best out of them. Hopefully, with all the things mentioned above, you can now see that your dining table is not just for eating, but can also be used for games, work, reading, and family meetings. 

Like a knight without armour, the dining room without a dining table is just a room. So it is safe to say that the dining table is the heart of your dining room home; thus, it is only right that homeowners want it to stand out in style. Your dining table makes a big statement in the room; therefore, leaving it bland does nothing to its appeal. Instead, make your dining table stand out with some décor ideas. Clueless about where to begin? These are some ideas that you can employ to create something worthy of your dining table.

Get some fresh flowers

A dining table is where you can enjoy meals with your loved ones, and brightening it up will make it look good. Some fresh flowers are a nice way to inject freshness into your dining room table; we have some ideas. Hydrangeas, roses, and sunflowers are great options; you could also pick different colored flowers to shake things up and keep things vibrant. Find a vase of your choice (the vase could also be used to add some flair) and use it to store the flowers.

Try out a table runner

Are elegance and class something you would want your table to emanate? We suggest getting a runner for your dining room table. Because they come in different lengths, you can determine the desired effect you want to attain before making your choice. You also have a choice to make when it comes to colors, with colored runners marrying well with wooden tables, whereas nudes and metallics work best with glass tabletops.

Make the most of fresh fruits

A pop of color could be the thing that brings life into your dining room table, and we know just the thing. Fresh fruits on your dining table go a long way to elevate its appeal. Gather assorted fruits with different colors is all you need for your table to stand out. You can place them in a bold bowl to create a dynamic look. A tip would be to go with fruits that are in season, which is much more convenient than seeking hard-to-find fruits. Also, remember to keep them refreshed to avoid odors in the dining room.

Candlesticks for adoration

Candlesticks on dining tables is not a new concept; this décor idea dates back centuries, and we finally get to know why. These pieces make for great décor for the dining table. They come in different sizes, designs, colors, and materials, so pick whatever matches your style. You can stick to one style or mix and match to keep things interesting.  Candle stands double both as décor and lighting. If you have been fantasizing about a candlelight dinner, this is the perfect excuse to enjoy one. 

Add some green 

What is the lighting situation in your room? Can a plant thrive there? Well, it is time to introduce your table to lush greenery for a sophisticated look. Tiny plants also work well to accent the table, so the outcome would look amazing if you can add a fern or money plant. Collared your plants on your tray and let your dining table stand out. Of course, plants need to be watered and taken care of; however, there are indoor plants that you can opt for. These require minimal care and are almost impossible to kill.  

Let’s get to decorating! Now that you have a head start accenting your dining room shouldn’t take much effort. However, you must remember not to overwhelm the table with décor to the point you can’t appreciate its aesthetic. You want your dining room to look pretty, not cluttered so go easy on the décor. Otherwise, let the transformation begin.

Why buy dining tables made-in-Canada?  Well, our business started with importing solid wood furniture including dining tables and sets from Indonesia.  Although it started that way all of the pieces we sell now are solid wood furniture including dining tables made-in-Canada. 

Imported Furniture Challenges

gorgeous brown table

With the furniture imported from Indonesia most of the pieces were made from solid Mahogany.  The dining tables looked beautiful, but we had some challenges.  One of them being that the real wood furniture needed to acclimatize to the Canadian climate.  

Another issue is that most of our pieces are custom, and we had to deal with the language barrier.   The 3rd issue was the very long lead time.  We had some customers who had to wait 6 -8 months for their pieces.   If there was an issue, there was no way to send it back to the supplier to get them fixed.  We were lucky to have a furniture repair guy here who was excellent that took care of the issues. 

Benefits of buying local

dark dining table

We’ve been in business for 15 years now, and about 7 years in, we started to sell dining tables made-in-Canada made by the Mennonites.  The first Canadian supplier we started to sell was Handstone.  Although the Canadian side of the business started small, it grew organically over time, to now all of what we sell is Canadian furniture.

I have to say made-in-Canada dining table sets have much less challenges.  The quality from the Mennonite furniture is excellent.   Instead of having to cram as much furniture into a container, the furniture is built the traditional/right way.  For example, with chairs, the chairs are not knock down chairs where the legs are bolted on.  They use mortise and tenon joinery.

The imported furniture makers tend not to build fully constructed chairs as they would take up way too much space on the container.  They also take other short cuts to make the furniture “knock down” to save space.  With the made-in-Canada dining table sets you are buying pieces that will last a lifetime (and beyond).  With the import expect it to last 3-5 years if you are lucky.  

The imported dining tables and set might look good initially, but often it is made from veneers, which as soon as those chip off the ugly undercoating is exposed and there’s no way to fix it.  We’ve talked to customers who purchased furniture from the big box stores, only to be disappointed after 1 year.  Lucky for them they do have good return policies, but what a pain to deal with all of that.

The Mennonites have been building furniture for a very long time.  The wood such as Maple, oak and cherry are locally sourced, so you don’t need to worry about the wood furniture adapting to our Canadian climate.   If there’s an issue (we have very few issues)  we simply send it back to the Mennonites and they take care of it. 

The local dining tables and sets tends to be a bit more expensive, but with our unique business model, where we have very low overhead, allows us to still sell the furniture at a good price, so in the end the price of the imports wasn’t that different from the locally sourced furniture.  When dealing with custom changes, there is no language barrier, so that simplifies the entire process.

Sourcing locally is also much more environmental.  You don’t ship a container half-way around the world, and then by train and then by truck to the warehouse.  And there is a lot of extra packaging with the imports to ensure that things don’t get damaged.

You also support local craftsmen and families.  When we drive out to pick up the pieces, it’s nice to see all the families we support. 

So, having experience both with the imports and furniture sourced locally, the decision is very easy to support local and buy locally made dining tables and dining table sets.  Many of our customers feel the same way and that is often why they’ve come to us.

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